Monday, November 10, 2008

** A Magical Yule Swap **

It's still night - SOMEWHERE! Not here though. Although, by the time I get this sent, it will be probably be night again. Forgive me please, I had a tummy ache last night and took to bed early instead of blogging. I know, I'm losing points more quickly than Wall Street.

Moving on...

It looks like there's five of us. Which, if it works like any other swap I've ever hostessed or been a part of, means there's probably three or four of us. But let's pretend that magically (it is a magical swap!), there is five of us. That's an uneven number. Yes, I saw that immediately cuz I was really good at 'rithmetic in skool! I thought and pondered and twisted my brain in all sorts of odd and painful ways and couldn't figure out how to swap us out evenly with an uneven number. I could have switched folks around so you receive from someone other than who you give to, but then I worried about someone who had sent off a lovely gift ending up without one and that made me sad. But then I had a magical inspiration! Dropped into my head by the faeries themselves, I'm sure of it.

We will be a magical circle of swappers! Everyone start working - hurry, hurry, as your fearless leader left you with little time - and make one beautiful gift. When you are finished, check in and let us know it's ready and waiting to be shipped. When everyone has checked in by December 1st (I might fudge on that one or two days but no more, so everyone gets their gift in time) we'll all mail in a circle.

This way, if we lose someone, no one is left out. This way, if someone sees how much fun we're having and wants to join in still, that will be wonderful. Too, it doesn't have to be a secret, feel free to post about your creative progress on your blog. It will be fun to watch all the studio magic and wonder which will be our very own! Or not, if you just love the mystery. Remember, one beautiful handmade item is what is required.

We all hope that this will be handmade with your own creative fingers, and considering the swap theme, that might be the only option. But if it comes down to the wire, a handcrafted but purchased item is an acceptable alternative. Better that then dropping out. I once had a lovely swap partner who got stuck in weeks of unexpected business travel and couldn't follow through with her original plan. She sent me a lovely handmade gift that she bought from a friend at a local craft fair. Not that the faeries would let any of us get ourselves in that sort of time squeeze, I'm sure. And if we did, the wee brownies would probably come out at night and help us in our workshops. But I just wanted to put it out there, just in case trolls trash your stash or gremlins hide all your glitter and no amount of bribes, threats or tears convince them to make amends.

Send me privately - I've put my email in my Blogger Profile - your full name, mailing address, and e-mail (which, duh, I'll have when you send the other two). When everyone is ready to mail, I'll send you the name and address of the person who you will send to and someone will be sending off a package to you. Have your package all wrapped and ready and so all you have to do is address the box and go down to the post office with it.

When I receive all the info, I'll put up a list in the sidebar of links to everyone's blogs under the Swap Button, to make it easy to visit each other. And about that button - my own personal graphic artist (that would be my very dear and patient-with-me friend Deirdre) is working on it at this very moment. I'll add the button later tonight so I can get this post up right now. But, it will look something like this, with a title:


Sarah said...

Hi Laume!
I am glad to hear from you at last-I have kind of started work on my swap item anyway-i am quite slow!
I am glad it is a small and cosy swap-very Christmassy!

Chris said...

Mine is ready to mail out! Just give me the go-ahead!

Chris said...

Did I ever send you my address?

I can't remember the due date for this. is it the 2nd? or is it the 10th?
Please let me know?!