Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In honor of Thanksgiving, some Turkey Art. I actually took this photo for my friend Deirdre, who often tells tales of her yard turkeys. I don't think Hubby thought through the possibilities for humor when I asked him to pose with a bunch of turkeys. Hehe.

Claude Monet - Musee d' Orsay, Paris

Still no photos of my Magical Yule Swap creation although I did manage to purchase the lithium batteries for the camera when I was out and about gathering the Thanksgiving supplies yesterday. I haven't put the batteries IN the camera yet. I have, however, worked on my pretty little project.

I'm really happy with the way it's evolving. I wasn't sure exactly what it would become when I started it. I began with just the center idea without knowing where it would go from there and I've left random puttering and treasure finds and stumbled upon "what if's" and a few scary "Should I? Why not! Go for it!"'s be in charge. A much different approach then my usual pre-thought out and thoroughly sketched plan.

I've allowed myself this muse led style a few times before and each time, once I got over not being in charge of things, I've been really happy with both the process and the results. It takes the pressure off for the creation in the world to match the creation in my head (which sometimes is possible but sometimes not), reducing my expectations and allowing for the freedom of following unexpected directions. It's not that working from a more structured game plan is a bad thing, it's just different. Sort of like the difference between a vacation with a full itinerary and reservations made and the holiday that starts with a vague longing to head west, a full tank of gas, and a bag packed for any possibility.

Although I don't have any photos I can give you a hint. Glitter. Sparkle. Frosty bling. Maybe that's three hints. I just couldn't resist. Last night I worked on it again and now all the components are completed and gathered together. All that's left is putting it together. Which requires glue. Which I was surprised to find I don't have. I'd forgotten that my last project required reconstituting some old, gloppy Elmers. I think my daughter-in-law polished off the last of it when she was up here at Halloween making her handmade invitations. So. I'll be putting it all together at the last minute, after the Thanksgiving hordes have gone back home. They're on their way here as I type, getting closer and closer even as I waste precious minutes blogging that I should be spending on last minute vacuuming and bed rearranging.

Sarah from Circles of Rain has announced her swap piece complete. Yah! Barbara of Under Six Gables and Meo are left. Well, and me - Glueless in Susanville. No pressure, there's still over a half week left of the month - just checking in to see how things are going.

And now I'm off to do that vacuuming. Or better yet, delegate the vacuuming to Hubby or Teen and do some child proofing tasks before the wee monkeys arrive. I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving or, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, then have an equally lovely, thankful, ordinary day.


Deirdre said...

I hope you all had enough TURKEY yesterday - we had a delightful day visiting with Tom's (turkey) family and today our bird is in the oven.

The birds in your photo are colored differently than the ones at my house but the estate is "right on". I think that might have been the design Tom copied when building our Estate!

Enjoy your family, but my god woman - go and buy some glue!

I'm sitting here looking at 7 bottles of Elmers(less than 20 cents each at Staples or walmart), 2 jars of YES glue, assorted containers of gel medium and mod-podge. This dosen't count the tubes of epoxy-like stuff or the case of glue sticks? Don't you know - YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH GLUE!

:-D eirdre

Chris said...

I'm in the swap, too?

Laume said...

I meant left to finish their projects, not left "in the swap" - don't panic Chris, you are most definitely in the swap!