Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just poppin' in to say "Hi! I'm still here! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new in a gazillion years."

I have been working on some crafty things. Unfortunately (for you, the viewers), most everything I'm working on is for holiday gift giving, so I can't show any of it just yet. As soon as anything is unwrapped (assuming I finish any of the projects), I'll be sure to post a photo or two.

In the meantime I spent this evening watching television (I can justify this in the middle of the holiday rush by the fact that I'm still a bit under the weather with some stomach bug thingie) and making new dolls for my blogs. I had an autumn themed one up at Beach Treasure, so I made a new winter themed one. Then I realized I didn't have a doll for this blog, so I made one. I couldn't find any dolls holding knitting needles or paint brushes or anything crafty, so I put myself in front of a quilt background, and I'm wearing a sweater and scarf that, theoretically, if dolls could knit and if that doll were actually me, I could have knitted. (Huh?) And I gave myself, meaning, my doll, a haircut because I got one in real life. My bangs aren't quite that short, but that's pretty close. Of course in real life there's a bit of gray in there, although I'm thinking of doing a bit of red henna in it. That might be nice for the holidays, yes? It looks a lot better then the straggly mess it had become, providing I remember to comb it.

And now I'm off to bed with the fourth Harry Potter book. I've been trying to finish rereading this for months now and one thing or another has gotten in the way. I really want to finish it up finally so I can watch the DVD with the Yule Ball scene before Yule.

Stay warm and dry folks. Keep those sewing machines whirring, knitting needles clacking and swishing.