Monday, December 31, 2007

This isn't a decoration. It's my gift from my husband. I tried to make it a decoration because it was sooooo pretty, wrapped up not by my all thumbs husband but by my favorite gift shop. Don't you love the black and white paper? And the glittery ribbon and retro card!? I tried to hang on to it but the family forced me to open it.

Inside was a pretty new tea pot with matching creamer and sugar bowl. New tea set. The local tea room was closed. There was only one thing to do.

Set up my own tea party.

Isn't the green pattern pretty? And I've had this great little tea spoon for a long time, just sliding around at the bottom of the utensil drawer.

My new demitasse peppermint striped cup and saucers from Starbucks this year. They were on sale for $3 a cup. I didn't realize when I purchased them that they were so tiny. When I opened them up I figured they wouldn't be very useful but they'd still make great decorations. Surprisingly, they worked out just fine. You just have to pour twice as often, that's all.

I got to use my my ..... don't know what you call the little butterfly. It holds the little sponge under the spout and keeps drips from hitting the tablecloth. Not to mention, it's pretty too.

A tea cup full of starlight.

"This tea party thing is fun Papa!"

"And this tea cup is juuuuuust the right size for little ol' me. Slurrrrrp."

On second thought, it was worth opening the pretty boxes to find such a lovely afternoon stuffed inside.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

And more holiday decorations.

I was going to drag my tomato cages out of the vegetable garden and use them upside down as trees, when I remembered these garden columns just hanging out forgotten behind a rose bush! I stuck them in and around pots on the front porch, added rusted tin garlands and lights, stuck some fake tree branches and botanical balls underneath (the branches were part of of an old tree and the thrift store gave me a whole box of them for free!) You can click on the photo to see the cute garlands better.

Here they are lit up at night.

I guess I did put a few teddies out this year. Here are two bears in a winter park scene atop the entertainment center hanging with a handmade "Waldorf" elf from my son Joe's childhood. The little red bird is a new addition I bought at the local nursery. He's so heavy, you could use him as a doorstopper! He'll stay out all year. My daughter-in-law commented at how real the green garlands looked. They are real, to make up for not having a real tree this year.

It's alway fun deciding what will hang from the dining room chandelier. Every year it's different. This year I went with an icy winter scene in hopes of luring some snowflakes out of the sky. The center colored decoration stays up all year, the icicles and stars were added. What you can't see, still need to get a decent photo of it, is there are snowflakes hanging in the window frame you see to the right.

My china cabinet was originally purchased to keep my fairy figurines and witch doll collections safe from cats. But it ended up in the dining room filled to the brim with all my tea cups, tea pots, and nicer breakable dishware. The only thing added are the peppermint stripe demitasse cups and the garland of glittery reproduction Santa images. My grandson Joshua was sitting at the table eating cereal one morning while he was visiting when he pointed the garland out to me and explaimed "Santa sure has a lot of brothers!"

I've shown you glimpses of the tree but here it is in it's entirety. I LOVE this ribbon. You can't see from this far away but it's a velvety red wired ribbon with gold glitter edges and tiny gold glitter polka dots all over it. It appears opaque during the day but at night it's just sheer enough for the lights to shine through and make it glow.

At Halloween I showed you this shelf covered in witches. For Yule it's sporting a collection of snowmen (and a couple of glittery Santas snuck in there as well.)

If you'd like to see photos of people instead of things, I have some family pictures up of the holidays over at Beach Treasure. Mostly grandkids, which I think are just as decorative and even more adorable than snowmen and teddy bears!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just a teddy bear someone tucked in amongst the gifts under the tree. One of the grandkids was probably carrying it around. There was a time when my kids were younger when my home became FILLED with teddy bears in December. It all started innocently enough. We have a yours, mine, and ours collection of children. The "yours and mine" parts are a stairstep bunch that, when they were wee ones all had blonde hair and blue eyes and you couldn't tell they weren't all mine so I'd haul the wild crowd about town subjected to "doesn't that woman know anything about birth control!?" stares. The "ours" child (William) straggles in six years behind his closest sibling.

As the older clump of kids grew up they no longer wanted dolls and Legos and games for Christmas, instead asking for music CD's and clothing and some sort of bracket for their snowboard bindings. I missed putting toys under the tree. So I gathered up the residual teddy bears in the house. I had a couple from my childhood. Even teenagers keep a few stuffed animals in their rooms. And put them under the tree.

Around the same time, whether during the holidays or later that year I don't remember now, I stumbled across a teddy bear at the thrift store that had obviously been extremely well loved at one time but was now sitting sad, alone, and abandoned in a shop. I knew he would never be purchased. People would ignore him in favor of less worn, newer looking toys. Images of the velveteen rabbit, the brave little toaster, and the island of misfit toys bubbled up into my head and I couldn't leave him there to such an ignoble end.

After that I kept an eye out for abandoned bears. Within a few years there were so many bears they spread out from underneath the tree and covered the hearth. Eventually they filled bookshelves. Larger ones were "throw pillows" on the couches and beds. The tiniest ones were given a small tree of their own that they climbed and sat in until the branches were barely visible.

A Christmas long ago when William was still shorter than me. Look at all the bears! Look at all the gifts!!

There were an insane number of bears at the peek of the tradition. Mostly old bears, even a few "collectibles", but newer unique bears had found their way into the mix as well. You couldn't sit down without hugging a bear or having one topple onto your head or into your lap, but the family loved it. The bears quietly hibernated in big storage boxes all the rest of the year but they were not to be forgotten come the holidays, when their real life forest counterparts were settling in for their winter sleep.

Shrimpy sized William, lots of bears

A younger Sam being surrounded by a bear (and cat) posse

It was the cats that put an end to the bear's yearly visit. There was a point in our life when we had a very large and changing cat population. The reasons are multiple and I won't bother even starting, but what pet owners can tell you is when you add new pets to a home, there's a temporary territorial scuffle. With cats, you can get spraying behaviors. Since we were in a state of constant change for a while, the bears ended up in the cross fire and I decided to leave them safely packed away until things settled down. The kids grew up, moved out, and stopped asking about the bears, or only asked after the fact "hey, why didn't you put the bears out?" and the tradition died out except for the teensiest bears clinging to their bear tree. That's gone up every year except this one. Our cat population is now stable but still large (again, long story) and it's probably safe to bring out at least some of the teddies but with the family mostly grown, I've never gotten back into the habit.

I thought about rekindling the tradition this year but didn't have the time. I did drag a box of bears in after Christmas for my granddaughter Joli to play with one evening when she was fussing about being forced to stay baby gated in the living room. She had so much fun pulling them out of the box. Maybe next year the bears will return.

Joli attacking bears? Being attacked by bears? A draw?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally getting around to adding some more photos of my holiday decor.

Celebrating the return of the sun.

The top frame has rosemary and stars. I bought these at my favorite decorating shop in town, La Belle Maison. They were supposed to come with mirrors but were apparently shipped alone so they sold them "as is" for a great price. Originally I'd planned on putting photos inside them but they are deepset and it's more fun to add different seasonal items. This summer they had silk flowers and fairies perched in them. In autumn they were off the wall while I painted, but you get the idea, I could put dried leaves or old postcards or whatever piques my interest.

Ha ha, you can see some of my kitchen wall is still painted in camo style - I was trying out assorted green paints and haven't painted the kitchen yet, although I did decide on a green and finished up the dining room walls already. This display is up all year, I added the little snowman and the tin stockings for the holidays.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Now that all the gifts have been open I can show you a couple of things I made. I had plans for even more giftmaking but the unexpected early arrival of grandkids threw a wrench in that one. But I don't get to see them often enough and my sewing machine is in the studio every day, so, priorities. Anyway....

My son Sam has a new home and a sparse bachelor/sporty decor style. Still, his new place is a lot larger than his old, so when I found these old postcards I thought I'd make him a few things. He loves to spend summers out on his boat on the lake and the winters snowboarding. I didn't make it too fancy since he's a guy, y'know, but I did put a bit of glitter on the snow bunny's ruffed hood, sleeves and, though you can't see it well (maybe if you click on the photo to enlarge), her cleavage. His reaction at first was a bit "uhm, what ARE these!?" but then he rallied and said he'd put them in his pool room. I think they'll grow on him as people notice them. It was fun to make them.

All the adults got scarves. Except William, who at 16 isn't an adult but that's not why he didn't get a scarf, he didn't get one because he refuses to wear them. All the guys got the cool skull camo print which I really liked and maybe I'll make one for myself too eventually. Noel got the leopard print. I hadn't realized that her daughter Nonny had a cute faux leopard coat, so now they'll match. The pastel stripe is for Sam's pastel lovin' blonde girlfriend Kyla and the two rainbow design on black were for my daughter-in-law Lisa and myself.

Since we're finally getting snow (yah!), everyone will have a chance to wear them.

Monday, December 24, 2007

If I could give the world a gift this season....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm really loving my holiday mantel. If you want to see the details, click to open the photo.

I was going to re-hang the large mirror I had over the fireplace but took down so I could paint, before I decorated the mantel, but I forgot. I like how it ended up gold against gold with just a touch of red though. Although, it needed... something. I could see a banner of some sort. Too bad I can't wiggle my nose like Samantha and have instant art. I'm seeing a banner spelling out "Y-U-L-E" in reds and more gold. Unfortunately my nose seems to be out of order so I found this forgotten sign in the garage and the unexpected rustic blue seems to do the trick.

Although I don't have a nose wiggle, I did manage to come up with some new wiggle room in my photo storage, so - YAH! New photos possible. I'll take some more tomorrow daylight when the lighting is better.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aren't these purple and gold flames a kick?! Very appropriate as they are the local school colors. Go Grizzlies!

I'm just popping in to wish you all a peaceful night on this Yule's Eve. I managed to squeeze a couple of new photos in on my memory card tonight of a little Yule altar I put up. I'll post them them over on Beach Treasure.

I wish I could have taken photos of the rest of the decorating I managed to finish up in the last two days. Between felines and family, they probably won't look quite so fine for long. People have a tendency to shove things back to set their purses or cell phones or what have you along the edges and the cats, well, they just plow through my decor as if it was a dirt bike track set up for their entertainment. Sigh. I'll try to find some digital memory somewhere tomorrow so I can show you any surviving vignettes.

I suspect I just wrung the last of my wakeful consciousness out of the four plus hours of sleep I managed to catch last night. So I"m afraid I won't be welcoming the Yule sunrise personally this year, instead I'll be slumbering warm and tight beneath the covers when the light returns. But I'm sure when the light hits the outside of my eyeballs, I'll snuggle in a bit deeper beneath the tangle of quilts and smile in my sleep. 'Night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Miss me? I've been busy with holiday tasks and I temporarily ran out of photo capability. No fun to blog without photos. I had insane visions of endless time to create and decorate this month and I anticipated lots of posts filled with pretty vignettes showing off all my efforts. SNORT!!! Obviously THAT didn't happen!

But, I have a few more photos of my tree I missed sharing in the last post so I can put those up tonight.

Here's another butterfly. Anything "airy" goes up on top of the tree. I already showed a bunch of angels and butterflies. There's also a little witch and a goddess in the photo. And today I added a few fairies. Oh, birds too. And I can't forget to mention the pretty stained glass ornament my sister made me when she was ... in high school still? Or was she in college already? Well, a LONG time ago, regardless. Now she's a university professor herself.

Here's a closer photo of the preschool photo decoration I mentioned before. Fuzzy unfortunately. You can see the top of a fireplace decoration my mom bought for us the first year we were all together as a new blended family. It's hard to believe that was nineteen years ago! You can also see Hagrid hanging out there on the right.

I tried to put my traditional tree topper, a lacey metal star, on the top of this fake tree but, as you can see, that didn't work very well. It's nice that the branches are bendable, it makes it easier to secure decorations on them, but it has it's drawbacks as well. I tried everything - bending the top branch to give it more strength, using multiple branches, nesting the star down a bit lower than the tippy top - nothing worked. So a good motto - be flexible. Maybe not flexible in the same way as this tree top, but you know what I mean. I decided the metal star will look great used in the mantel display, which I need to finish creating tomorrow, and I found a lighter, clear shimmery, plastic star that managed to stay upright atop the tree. It's perched a bit precariously, but knock on wood, it's upright for now.

I've been adding more decorations and I found the most adorable ribbon at the nursery the other day. I coiled it on the tree but I really need another "strand" of it. I'll call to see if there's any more available. Hopefully I'll get a photo for you before the end of the season.

In the meantime, I have one more photo of a floppy holiday topper to share. I found this at the local Walgreens. Whadya think? Is it me? It's definitely Susanville. I guess Santa might want to stop and do a bit of hunting between chimney visits? Or maybe he's decided to be a bit more pro-active about not being seen these days? Camo Kringle!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Karla of Karla's Kottage is having a What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home Party. This is my humble contribution to this blogger's holiday open house. It's a great idea. Unfortunately the "holiday" part of my home at the moment are the dozen plus holiday boxes scattered everywhere. Some flung open, contents rummaged through to find decorations, ribbons, or cards. Some still stacked and awaiting my attention. There are some fresh garlands hanging over the back of the loveseat ready to be draped.... somewhere. My living room has been taken over by a giant card table, set up as a gift wrapping station as I tried to get everything ready that needs to go to the post office tomorrow. In other words, I'm nowhere near ready to entertain.

But let's forget all that. What's a little chaos between friends, eh? If you're having trouble finding my house, just look for the candy cane trees.

The icicle lights are peppermint stripes too. We've only got the ones on the eaves put up so far. I have a bunch more for the fence. I'll get hubby out there tomorrow putting them up. Inside I only have one thing decorated so far. You can see it through the front door.

So, come on in. It's rather chilly out there. Supposed to get down to ten degrees Fahrenheit tonight! Go ahead and toss your coats .... uhm.... here on the loveseat. Let me move a couple of the cats. There ya go. Just give me a minute to put the kettle on for tea and set out some of my homemade biscotti and then I will give you a little tour of my tree and some of my tree trimming traditions and favorite ornaments.

The tree has always been a center of celebration in our family. My mother's trees always looked like something out of an old fashioned postcard and my trees have followed suit. It's always been expected that our family tree is exceptionally special and imbued with holiday spirit. At least that's what people say when they see it. My children tell me so. I tried a few years ago to break away from our traditional tree and do a "theme tree". The idea was NOT well received. So now if I want to do a theme I play with the idea on a small table top tree and I don't mess with the Sacred Eclectic that is our holiday tree.

I have spent several decades claiming I would never, ever, EVER have a fake tree. For many reasons, which I'll save for another post. But of course never say never. For a number of reasons this year we do not have a live tree. I'm okay with this, for at least this year. My kids are okay with it. I'm not sure about my friend Kathy, who announced I'd destroyed her image of me, perhaps forever. I guess I'll have to work on retrieving my "Earth Mother" image next year. Despite my detour into the world of green plastic, I think our tree is still very magical looking. In great part because of the ornaments.

Everyone have a cup of something hot and fragrant? So, let's take a peek, shall we....

We have a lot of homemade photo ornaments. Here are the five kids in the one and only group portrait of their childhood. The little blonde fairy reminds me of my daughter.

A lot of decorations have traditional spots on the tree. Angels always go on the top. Many of my angels were made my my great aunts and grandmother. My Great Aunt Bobby made the Ojo de Dios angel you see here. The large muslin angel I bought when I was a new bride many decades ago and she was our tree topper for many years. I bought the sun angel more recently. As we celebrate both Yule and Christmas, I like to incorporate symbols of both holidays, although most symbols overlap both celebrations. The little knitted boy was part of a family I made for William when he was little. He loved playing with them but unfortunately, so did the cats. I think he's the sole survivor that doesn't need repair.

Several years ago my friend Shelly lost all her ornaments to water damage. Since she and I have a weekly dinner date, and we share a love of all things tea related, I started gifting her each year with a tea pot or cup ornament and then putting a similar ornament on my tree. I have some other "beverage" ornaments as well, including some Starbucks ones because my daughter-in-law and I have a lot of holiday "Starbuck moments". The little felt Snoopy was made for me by my Aunt Virginia. And of course everyone needs a red chili pepper ornament. I've got a glass pickle one too.

I used to have a dozen of these little book ornaments. They really open up and have little stories in them. I think I still have more of them but I'm not sure where they are. I only found this one in the box I used to decorate the tree this year. Lots of sun and celestial themed ornaments on the tree.

Isn't it funny how one can forget entire episodes of one's life but remember small moments in great detail. The blue wooden bead garlands I found in a bargain bin near the counter at a Sear's Repair Department. I had taken my vacuum cleaner in to be fixed. On the other hand, I can't for the life of me remember where or when I found the star garland you see in these photos. Still, even though it tangles something crazy, we all love those stars. You can see the Eiffel Tower I found to remind us of our five great days in the City of Lights. You can see part of two Harry Potter lightning bolt icicles. We're big Harry Potter fans and my mom gifted us with a lot of HP ornaments when we first discovered the books.

More angels. The two on the top right are made by older relatives. The child angel in the center with the wee red shoes and the yellow elf in the bottom left are both vintage and were from my mother's tree. They were favorites of mine when I was a child. And bottom right is a glass witch. I might move her and my other glass witch to the Halloween boxes now that I put up a Halloween tree as well. Oh, and that yellow banana you see stuck up there in top left? It's not a banana. it's a crescent moon I made. I know, it looks like a banana. Sigh.

The little elf in the metal swing is from my grandmother's tree! Peeking out from it's traditonal place leaning against the trunk of the tree is a giant paper ornament my son Joe made in nursery school. You can't tell from the photo but he's holding a Cabbage Patch doll in one arm and his two week old baby brother Sam (who's due date was Christmas Eve but he had the good sense to be born two and a half weeks early) in his other arm.

My mom gave me this wee cottage and my friend Deirdre made me the ATC that makes a nice snowy backdrop for the scene. I have a lot of paper and fabric ornaments from friends on my tree and each year as I hang them they bring a smile to my face remembering the pleasure of receiving the special little art in the mail.

I don't know why but this little skier is one of my favorite ornaments. I discovered he'd fallen out of the box and lost one of his ski poles this year. Pout. Maybe I'll find it when I go through some more boxes. Speaking of broken ornaments, while angels and fairies go up on the top of the tree, fragile ornaments get the prime spots in the midrange. As you get farther and farther down the ornaments get heavier and are more likely made of cloth or wood or metal or industrial strength plastic. Curious fingers and paws y'know. All my kids have grown up fingers now, but there's a new crop of grandbaby fingers ready to pluck something shiny and oh-so-tempting off those branches. And of course the cats. Always the cats. Or the wagging back end of our big dog.

Okay, so it's a Hallmark ornament. But it's another favorite. Winken, Blinken and Nod. There's another wee Hallmark ornament about the same size of little kids hanging from an umbrella I also cherish. When my kids were babies we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and rain, not snow, was expected holiday weather. But that ornament wasn't in the box I thought all my best ornaments were stored in. Now that I'm showing you these photos I'm remembering more and more that are missing. Well, I'm sure they're in another box. But now I'll have to look for them first thing tomorrow.

Another Harry Potter ornament and one of a handful of yellow butterflies that flutter about the branches. The first December without Joshua I bought one for the tree and I've added one each year. That means there should be five yellow "Joshua" butterflies on the tree, but there are actually a couple of exta that other people have gifted us with - they spontaneously had the same idea.

A little fuzzy, the green and gold beaded bell was made by my grandmother. There's a Mary Engelbreit garden angel... no, that's the seewing angel, up in the corner.

A little blue paper tag that arrived in a friend's Yule card last year. I made the dried orange and raffia ornament about ten years ago during an "all things natural" ornament phase. I made the golden rounds, to symbolize the sun, from oranges, lemons, and limes. They've seen better days and are darkening as they age, but I'm amazed they've survived this long! I think this one looks a bit like stained glass with the light shining through it.

A shimmery spiral, another surprise in a friend's Yule card.

I've gone through a lot of phases. When my kids were little, I made a lot of kid proof fabric ornaments. For a while I liked homespun country ornaments. Everything botanical and nature themed had it's run. Gold celestials. Retro. White or icy. This star is both icy AND celestial and you can't tell too much but it's finish shimmers like abalone shell. I have a lot of these in star and snowflake designs but I've held most of them aside this year for a window project I have planned. This year my taste runs to all things opulent and richly colored but I'm settling for a few small additions as I'm more interested in finding new ways to use items I already own than to add to my substantial holiday stash.

Whew. I've rambled on for quite some time. Looks like most of you have finished up your tea and it sure looks like you all enjoyed the biscotti - I only see crumbs left on the plate! I know some of you are in a hurry to visit with other, probably more organized, holiday bloggers. I'm sure I'll see you all again as I'm making the rounds myself. But I hope you'll pop back in again this month as I'll be posting more holiday decorations as I get things put up. I'm always babbling on about things philosophical or quirky or amusing (at least to me) and posting family-ish pictures over on my Beach Treasure blog too.

For those of you who have to get going, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you've enjoyed your visit. I'm grateful no one has tripped over any of the boxes. Here, let me get your coats. Oh, a little cat hair. Well, consider it a little holiday gift you can take home with you. Hehe. I'll get the door. BRRRRR! Well, at least it's not icy out there. Bye-bye! See you soon!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Because of hubby's constantly changing but usually night shift job, and because of my general Night Owliness nature, every once in a while I somehow manage to get myself into a completely upside down schedule where I'm going to bed when everyone else is waking up and waking up when everyone else is already halfway through their day. This is one of those times.

It's not like I want to start getting up in time for that worm (ewwww!) or go to bed before the sky is dark and quiet and splashed with stars. I like being an Night Owl. But it's too inconvenient to run completely contrary to the rest of the world. I've yet found a teacher willing to schedule a parent teacher conference with me at midnight. (well, except some homeschool "teachers"). So I'm trying to push myself back into a more reasonable schedule. It's tough. Especially this time of year when there's not many daylight hours to find.

All this babbling is just me stumbling toward my main point which is, I don't have any new decorations up to show you or more gifts or crafts or cookies made to brag about. I don't even have photographs of my thrift treasures taken yet, like I'd promised. Sorry.

It's not like I don't have anything accomplished. I've managed to take care of a number of boring ordinary tasks like buying groceries and finding a lost but important paper and necessary phone calls and errands and I even made dinner and showered a few times since I last blogged. (I usually manage to shower but that making dinner part is pretty amazing!)

On the holiday front, lots is going on. I've managed to bring all the holiday boxes inside the house. Now my house looks like a warehouse for Chaos R Us. The cats helped out this morning by tipping over several boxes that had particularly small and roll-able items inside them. The last couple of years I've been downsizing and organizing my holiday boxes so when I found six boxes out in the wild uncharted wasteland that is our breezeway, I thought things were looking up. Six boxes. Wow. That's completely do-able. Especially since I knew that one box was completely holiday dishware, another was only tree trimmings, and a third was all my tree "village" (really, more of a tree forest, since I collect the trees and not the village - but there are three quilt store porcelain buildings in the mix, so I guess it's a forest on the edge of the village). But then all the empty boxes that were on the top of the mess slid away and at least another six holiday boxes appeared. Oh dear. Well, I've got my work cut out for me.

Oh! I did get the giant outside candy canes out of the garage. And I carried them outside at dusk (traditional) in the freezing cold (also traditional) and flung them up in the tree - this year I have two types of candy canes so I flung them into TWO trees - all just in time to provide entertainment and amusement for the wee bit of commuter traffic driving by our home at that time of evening. And, I badgered the guys until they went out and put lights up on the front eave of the house. They refused to do it the first day I asked, when it was cold but at least dry and sunny. So instead they finally went out the following day, in the RAIN. When I brought the boxes in, I found six more boxes of outdoor lights to put up too - mwahahahaha. Don't get too comfy boys! I'll take photos of the candy canes. Promise.

Uhm. But not today. I haven't even managed to get started on my day and I can see the prettiest sunset outside my window. I guess it's time for breakfast.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Some fun ways to waste time you should be spending more productively this holiday season.

Want to build your very own gingerbread house without all the expense and stickiness? Go here.

No snow in your front yard? Build yourself a snowman here. You can even call him Parson Brown.

You really don't want to miss a chance to Elf Yourself. Really. I was able to make William Elf DANCE with Mother Elf!!

Penguin bowling. Not as easy as it looks!

Not quite as peaceful as watching the white stuff falling outside your own window, but definitely a holiday online favorite. Make some snowflakes and share them with others.

Am I evil if this makes me laugh with holiday glee!?

An Advent Calendar for us eclectic folk who like to celebrate Everything (well, maybe not everything, but lots of things) and decorate Anything (that doesn't move?).

Monday, December 03, 2007

Look. Fabric.

And more fabric. And a snowflake. Just to give it a festive holiday look.

But that's all you can see for now. 'Cuz I'm making stuff. It's that time of year.

I made cookies. You can see those. I put photos on Beach Treasure. Now if you'll excuse me, my tea kettle is whistling. I'm off to get my tea, eat some cookies, and make more stuff.