Friday, January 29, 2010


I've participated in this wonderful blogger's gathering for a couple of years now. Unfortunately I've been in too much of a tizzy to organize anything early enough to get in on it this year from the beginning. The game plan - to find some lovely faery treasures at the Midwinter festivities this weekend and offer them up as my giveaway when I return. Or maybe I'll be inspired and make some faery treasures myself.

I can't officially join the party without knowing what my giveaway is yet, but look on the bright side, less people will be visiting so those of you who do will have a much greater chance of winning! In the meantime, go check out the list of participants and start on your magical carpet ride right now!

Although there are lots of lovely giveaways out there, what I've enjoyed most the last couple years is finding a few new lovely souls who I feel connected to in this vast blogiverse, folks who find and visit me and other bloggers who I visit (although sometimes not as often as I would wish!)

So, stay tuned, I'll be back with my official OWOH post after the weekend.
I haven't been blogging much (at all) lately. But I have been spending a lot of time in my studio. Working on the last of the holiday gifts, we just met with family to give them out yesterday. So I couldn't take photos until after.... Oh man, I JUST REALIZED, I did what I wasn't going to do - give the gifts and forget to take photos! Crap. Well, I made beautiful napkins. And an equally beautiful scarf. Maybe I can get the giftee to take a photo or two and send them to me.

Well, I couldn't take post photos of those beforehand, obviously. And I've been working on gathering, sewing, making all the different components of our winter ball attire. I could show you photos of that but I was so last minute frantic that I didn't have time, really, and besides it will all look so much better when it's all assembled with make up and the proper atmosphere. Tonight, tonight! The Good Faeries gather for dance and song and much frivolity. I'm bringing my camera!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with these random vignettes from my studio.

Mr. Parrot (he probably needs a proper name, hmmmm) perches high above a window. Every fabric pirate needs a studio parrot.

A wizard bear looks like he's got great forBEARance for all the stuff piled on top of him.

This is new puppy Magpie. She's aptly named as she thinks she can perch atop anything. I did not put her up on top of these piles, she leaped up there. Or perhaps flew when I my back was turned. I was digging in the closet and felt someone looking over my shoulder. I turned to see her there as if "What are we looking at, huh!?" She also climbs atop my head. I kid you not. Not my shoulder, as Rosie does, the actually top of my head, where she then tries to pull my hair out.

My son gifted me with this jar full of beach treasures. I love agates.

There's a whole wall full of books. Lots of pretties are balanced in front of the reading material or, as hubby calls it, our home insulation. The red butterfly is going to be on my head tomorrow night for the Bad Faerie Ball.

All that fluttering and leaping tires a puppy out. Ahe's learned to nap on the guest bed in the studio after her attempts to help me with the sewing machine foot pedal didn't go over as the enthusiastic helpful gesture that I'm sure she intended.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My friend Tristan has saved you from another postless day on my blog by having an amazing art supply give-away over on his blog, Enchanted Revelry. Generous beyond belief, it's worth checking out. Of course, Tristan's little corner of the blogosphere is worth checking out on any day as his posts are always full of such gorgeous or quirky (or both!) images that I always end up smiling.

And while you're at it, you should probably check out his Etsy shop as well. He does collage work and other mediums, but I've always had a particular fondness for his vibrant art quilts. Here's a little peek of one above.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A few things I picked up in a couple hours of antiquing during our holiday travels.

This big heavy shell. I showed it to Hubby.

"What is it? he asked.

"I don't know" I answered. "I just like it."

"You can't buy it, you don't even know what it IS."

Of course I looked him in the eye and then turned to the shopkeeper and said "Wrap it up!"

Tsk tsk, Hubby, he should know by now it's not a good thing to challenge my decision. (hehehe, I'm pretty certain I would have bought it regardless of his response to it!) But seriously, I'd love to know what it's original purpose was. I saw another one sitting on a window ledge on my walk today but I doubt that it was originally a window ledge holder downer. I bet the person who put it there just liked it. Anyone have a clue?

Also bought this very heavy cast iron candle holder. I'll show you too photos because this one with without flash makes it look darker than it really is and...

... this one with flash makes it look too gold. (although the wall color is more accurate in this pic).

Found a spot for both treasures already, always a perk. If only I could find the perfect spot for all my lovelies. That's my goal (or one of them anyway) this year, to finish sorting and reducing until all my favorite things are displayed and those things that are just "sitting around" earn their spots or are gone.

More new holiday goodies to see on Beach Treasure today. All tiny, all adorable. Go see!

Friday, January 01, 2010

My daughter's new art work. A gypsy. It's new and still peeling so it will look less scabby once it's healed.

I'm not interested in getting a tattoo but I can still appreciate particularly nice art on people who like to get them, and Noel loves them. I think this is my favorite of all that she has. (so far, I'm sure she's not finished adorning herself)