Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More holiday photos - yah! Today's selection seem to be primarily water scenes. Boat scenes to be more specific. All but the last one which sort of.... isn't a boat scene.

I said we'd moved on from Bath, but I was wrong. One more picture. This image's middle name is peaceful. Yep, Image P. River. That's it's name.

Now, we're in Conwy, Wales. Their harbor was torn up, in the process of being remodeled, redesigned, reconstructed - whatever it is you do to a harbor. A number of locals apologized for the less then picturesque mess. And parts of it were indeed a mess - large earth moving equipment laying about, piles of broken concrete. But no matter, we found plenty of great images to try to capture and bring home with us. I adore the splotches of red in the photo above.

Here's another one with a nice red boat for focus, and lovely dabs of blue throughout as well.

I took this picture from high above on the city wall. Conwy is an ancient walled city, most of the wall is still standing and, if you don't suffer terribly from vertigo, can be walked. There's also a mighty fine castle, one of a string of them the English king Edward the I built along the northern Welsh coastline, the point being to rub it in that he had conquered Wales. It's actually much higher up then this picture would imply, I used the handy telephoto capabilities to get this shot. It was a lovely hodge podge of beached water craft and I had a difficult time getting a shot I liked, particularly with William restless and telling me to hurry up. If I had unlimited digital memory, I would have simply snapped off several dozen shots and sorted it out later.

Look, no boats. No water. This is part of the wall from the around the land side on the outside, looking up. This particular area was a sort of bike path and playing fields for the community, this abandoned apple orchard hugged the old stones. I doubt the orchard is as ancient as the wall, in fact it's probably not possible, although I suppose it could be the descendants of a line of apple trees that have grown here through the ages. How long do apple trees live? But I still imagined young maidens wandering through this orchard long ago when it was tended and tidy. Maybe picnicking, their embroidery brought along to work on while enjoying a sunny day. Maybe a clandestine walk with some dashing knight. While we were there, however, the only people we saw in the orchard were a couple of teens and a woman and her terriers.

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:-D eirdre said...

You have taken some really wonderful photos on your trip - thank you both for sharing them (please continue) and for making me realize I really need to go to Europe!