Sunday, March 18, 2007

I have a space on the bedroom wall that is magic. Some people, those with no vision, would look and see nothing but a window. But I see a magical, ever-changing work of art created for my sole pleasure and reflection.

It changes through the seasons of course, but it also changes depending on the hour of the day. One of my favorite times of the day to catch something exceptional is in late afternoon or early evening when the sun sinks low on the horizon and creates layers of images.

It often makes me think of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. What is reality and what is fantasy? What is physical and what is shadow? Sometimes it makes me think of how it's all about perspective - what is truth and what is just opinion? What is concrete and what is simply reflection? Other times I am reminded of correlations or the interconnectedness of everything. The shadow depends on the branch outside, the branch outside depends on the sun. Occasionally other lofty philosophical gems rattle around in my brain. And sometimes I just let the soft swaying of the images in the breeze allows my thoughts to float just as peacefully and I think of nothing much at all.

Where is the unexpected art in your world?

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