Sunday, July 15, 2007


Just barely, but I finished it yesterday. Whew! I can't believe I really did it. Now picture me dancing about - oops - never mind, I don't want to knock over any more cans of paint. Instead, Cyper-High fives all around!

Y'know how I said I was as much excited as I was nervous to do the second wash layer? Well, apparently I was lying. I spent most of yesterday looking at the big wall, the wall that I hadn't even done the first layer on yet, and then finding something else I needed to do first. I hemmed and hawed all day until finally I just put on my big girl panties and marched out to the living room and did it. For some reason the BIG wall intimidated me a lot more than the other sections.

I forgot to take a photo of it before adding the second layer but it's just as well. I stepped back and took a good long look after the first layer was applied and wasn't very satisfied with it. I took a break, sat and watched a bit of t.v. with William, and stole looks at the wall every five minutes or so, until I'd gotten a good idea what I wanted to do with the second layer to correct some of sections that didn't work for me. Too, I reminded myself that the long wall will have a huge cabinet smack dab in the middle of it plus artwork and other furniture, so it's not like the larger patterns will be visible.

Here's a photo of as much of the long wall (about half of it) as I could get in one shot.

After finishing the first layer of the long wall I felt beat. I think it was emotional as much as physical. But the thought of having the process waiting for me when I woke up the next morning got me back on my feet. I decided I could at least do a small section of wall with the second layer, just to get a start and to break through my nervousness. I started on a small strip of wall just around the corner from the long wall and then worked my way across the long wall, balancing some of the areas of light and dark that had particularly bothered me. I kept working, one section at a time until suddenly (a long while later) I was surprised to find myself finishing up the last few feet of wall on the other side of the room. I looked at the clock and it was just around midnight.

Here's a another photo down the length of the long wall, taken this morning with more light in the room and a flash. It doesn't really look as tan as in this photo, nor is it as deeply golden in the daylight as it is in the photo taken last night under the light of the overhead light.

Here's another photo taken today of the other side of the room that's a bit closer to the real color. Although, the "real" color is sort of a moot point as it looks different all the time as the light changes in the room. You can probably compare this photo to the one yesterday of the same walls with just one wash layer applied.

It's hard to see the different colors in the photos. You notice it more in real life. Or rather, it's more noticable to me. The affect just adds more depth and complexity to the wall rather than to make particular colors stand out. Which is what I wanted. I think if you double click on this up close photo, you'll be able to see the separate colors. The second wash was a medium terra cotta.

Of course now I'm eyeing it and seeing all sorts of other things I could do to the pattern. I could fill in some of the lighter areas and make it more subtle. I could add "veining". When I first decided I wanted to do a faux pattern was studying the different types and patterns I could attempt, I had to remind myself that I didn't really need to take it to the next level of difficulty because I a) I was going to be covering quite a bit of it up again and b) I wanted fun, funky, and (relatively speaking) fast. True then and true now. So. I'm done. Today I can start gathering up painting supplies and putting furniture where I want it. My two new bookcases will go in so I can even get rid of some of the boxes of books.

Of course I still have that one small section of ceiling to finish. And I haven't finished the painting in the dining room, or started on the hallway or kitchen or William's room or my bedroom.... STOP! I finished this room and I'm going to let myself savor it for a bit. At least for the rest of the day.


Belita Rose said...

That looks awesome! I can't wait to see it for real and all done! Love you!!

JulieZS said...

Wow Laume, it turned out so great! Good going.