Friday, May 02, 2008

Today I thought I'd share a few statues, sculptures, and a bit of a frieze. Y'know - sticky out or 3-D art. Yes, those are technical terms - didn't you go to art school? Sheesh? (rolls eyes)

Can't remember where we saw this gentlemen. Westminster Cathedral is a likely guess, as this picture was in amongst the photos on the first SD Card I uploaded. For some reason this particular group of photos uploaded randomly. And since it was the first day of two weeks of shooting, my brain got a little saturated and I don't recall the location or signifigance (or in some cases why I was even compelled to take a particular photo) of everything. I do remember that I thought this guy was interesting as he was cast in a black metal instead of sculpted from stone. (Later, I came upon other metal cast sculptures in other colors, including solid silver, which was, honestly, a bit cyborg creepy). He's holding up the key to life, the universe and everything. It opens up Locker #42 at the bus station. Yes? Okay, maybe no. Maybe it's the key to the bathroom. Those are precious in Europe - hard to find a good bathroom when you need one. Alright, I'll stop being silly. So it's probably intended to symbolize the key to heaven.

I thought this cherub's face looked eerily real, like she/he would turn her/his head or start speaking at any moment. And I liked the little.... greenman? scrollman?.... companion as well. Where are these two located? Uhm..... well, I can definitely say somewhere in London.

Now this one I know. This family of satyr-ish figurines is in Hyde Park. They were cleaning and working on the statue while we walked by - perhaps starting it up after being down for the winter? Or maybe they'd just shut it off temporarily to work on some problem. In any case, they were water free while I set up the shot and then WOOSH, playing in the spray just as suddenly. I thought the two adults were getting a bit of bidet action there in the middle.

This is a close up of one of the kids. I'm not sure I'd turn my back on him on the playground. Would you?

Sometimes weathering changes a sculpture. I'm sure this wee one's face was originally very human shaped, but now he has a bit of a Creature from the Black Lagoon thing going on. In a cute, baby creature sort of way.

I really liked this girl and her pet fish. They were in Hyde Park as well. Although I'm not sure that pet fish is the right description. The fish looks as sentient as the girl. I wonder where the symbolism for this piece originates - the story of the woman and the magic fish? Pisces? The Little Mermaid? Probably something I've never heard of as that about does it for my girl/fish references. Anyone?


Belita Rose said...

I can't quite figure out what the people in the statue in the middle of the fountain are doing. Dancing?

Stephanie said...

The last image is wonderful, both the girl and the fish and the photograph...