Sunday, August 30, 2009

There's a word for it - pareidolia. It means seeing meaning, faces, in random scenes. Science tells us we do this because the right combination of shapes and shadows triggers the hardwired need for face recognition that helps infants bond with their caregivers. Okay, sure, that makes sense.

But sometimes, doesn't it feel like more than just shapes and patterns. Doesn't it feel like there is a presence, a sense of spirit? Particularly in nature. Maybe we're catching a glimpse of the otherworld, the fae, the wild elementals that hide from us mere mortals.

On a trip to Burney Falls this summer, there certainly seemed like there were more than just rocks, more than water, more than plants and sky. What do you think? What do you see in the photos below? Did I capture anything or anyone that you can see?

IMG_7150 by you.

IMG_7160 by you.

IMG_7163 by you.

IMG_7164 by you.

IMG_7165 by you.


Shell said...

I see a quite of faces in your pictures. I do feel the otherworld and our world overlap frequently.

Anonymous said...

I do that. I see faces in just about everything, especially in the trees outside of my window... they are constantly changing. I seem them in wood grains, and fabric prints.

I didn't know there was a name for it.

And a ps... what are the flags made of in your title photo?

Sherri D said...

Well, I can see the obvious dragon face in the first photo, the skull at the water's edge, and the witchy tree that is scolding the little ones.
Does that count? :)

Laume said...

Oooh Sherri, you're awesome. A dragon!? Where? Victoria totally was enamored of a face in the middle of the green outcropping while I saw it as a giant hand.

Sherri D said...

In the first photo, the waterfall one, to the left is the face of a dragon with horns, eyes, and snout. :)

Laume said...

Oh wow Sherri, of course. I saw it immediately when you showed me where to look. He's sort of hiding in the shadows of the water - how cool he is!