Thursday, March 18, 2010

This last weekend I spent at a seaside house full of wild artist folk and fae. We gathered together for a workshop/retreat organized by the lovely art doll and painter Patricia Hedegaard. (The link goes to her old website, she's in the process of putting up a new, upgraded site, but it will give you an idea of her work.)

There was about a baker's dozen of us. Here we are starting to gather at the set up tables, before the creative chaos began.

The first step in the process, making our little wire armatures. They looked a little bit like a small army of "burning men".

We were told to put on our "creativity caps". Almost all of us took the instruction literally.

Another step in the process - picking out new eyeballs...

....for our art dolls.

The theme was to each make a totem doll. I wasn't sure what I was going to make almost up to the moment I began to work. I chose, or perhap she chose me, to make a white raven.

In the serendipitious way these things happen, there was a whole flock of raven makers and we were all at the same side of the workspace. This particular raven looks like he had a few too many beakfuls of that brewski.

Some of Patricia's finished (but undressed) ravens were hanging out on our table and it looks like there might have been some imbibing all around.

Most folks followed through outfitting their totems. I had some ideas that I couldn't complete until I got home, so raven wrapped herself in a feather boa and sat watch, unfinished, while I made some other creatures instead. I think she looks rather wise. I need to read up on the legends and stories of the white raven.

I made this wee owl.

And then I made him a friend.

Not everyone made ravens, not at all. There were several large totem owls.

Little owls finished, I went on to create a chihuahua. There were quite a few chihuahua lovers in the group.

This little guy is a masked creature - wolf? Coyote?

There was even a kind eyed elemental taking shape.

Of course creating is hard work. So we took breaks to take walks on the beach.

We also took time to sing and play (some of us very melodiously, some of us *cough* (me) enthusiastically if out of tune). We drank a lot of coffee and a lot of wine. We ate an incredible amount of delicious food. We took photos. So many photos that I'll stop here for now and post a part II in a day or two.

In the meantime, I've put some scenic photos from the trip up at Beach Treasure, nature's art.


mermaiden said...

what an amazing circle that was. can't wait to see your completed white raven.

hawk said...

holy cow how fun I lov ethe tree guy!! Hes so freekin cool!

vibram fivefingers said...

The pictures you take are really beautiful , the things in the picture are lovely , and the angle you take is so good , so give me a feeling of warm.