Friday, May 14, 2010

When I was in San Diego last week my granddaughter had her heart set on having a pink owl. She pretty much has her heart set on having a pink EVERYTHING. You know how some little kids have an imaginary friend or two? Well, Joli has an entire imaginary world she talks about.


It's funny because my daughter-in-law worked so hard to make sure she created a gender neutral environment for her first years. Sure she had a cute pink dress or two (or three or...) but she also had little black and brown and blue and green and every other color dresses in her wardrobe and she had clothes that were obviously meant for "boys" as well as those specifically sold to "girls". All this to add background to the story of how she had her heart set on a pink owl.

So we made one together.

By making it together I mean we went shopping, she picked out the fabrics. I drew some designs, she fixed them. She was very specific - the wings needed to be a big higher, the eyes a bit bigger, the body a bit rounder.... and when it was to her liking, she approved the project.

I cut and sewed, offering her fabric and thread choices at each step, she chose, and I sewed some more.

And Pinkety Tinkety was born.... er, hatched?

She's almost as cute as Joli herself who, ironically, is wearing purple.

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Leslie said...

What a lovely day that must have been and the end result, priceless. Pinkety Tinkety, great name and it belongs to a little cutie pie!