Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Flickr group that is dear to my heart, mostly because there's a regular crowd of really lovely photographers - oh yeah, and because it's fun to see everyone's unique take on the unfolding sequence of new themes, is Shades of Inspiration.  Recently the last moderator of the group has turned over the reins to a new person - MOI!   I hope to shake things up a bit, enthuse the old crowd, encourage some new folk to join in the fun.

Every week or so there's a new theme to inspire you to go out and take photographs or share favorite photos you have in your personal collection.  We've worked our way through most colors or color combinations several times over, so I'm hoping to branch out into new visual inspiration - textures, moods, words.... who knows.

This week's theme, while I'm off enjoying a holiday, is a simple one:  Gray.

You can read the full theme announcement here.

And here is one of five photos (the daily limit) I put up today in the group files.


I hope to see your photos there soon.


Chatelaine said...

lovely image of the angel. so glad I met you through the Shades group.

Anonymous said...

my dear...
i am loving it here
here at Laume's Studio
so much so i have linked
my blog to you...and yes,
i would ever so love to be
part of Shade of Inspiration
just as soon as OWOH is over...
unless i can master an image
before than...and thank you
thank you for your sweet sentiments.
i am very happy to have met you!
Blessings my new friend...Eden