Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing particularly arty farty, just a walk through the local county fair to see a few fun crafts.  I couldn't spend as much time viewing the exhibits as I typically do as I had a four year old and one year old in tow. 


Silly and whimsical kitties.


More whimsy, and of course Halloween theme caught my eye!


Pink AND faeries - Joli loved it.


I liked the thin, soft, minkee backing and the butterfly quilting choices.


Cute flowers.


Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus but I think you can see that there's huge amount of piecing work in this large bed quilt.  Very nice.  It won Best of Show.


Fun bright colors, not sure what it's meant for - the wall?  A table?  This is about as artsy as it gets at the fair.  The judges don't seem to know how to judge anything that's too far outside traditional quilting style.


I liked that the trees weren't all tree colors.


I can't help it, I love scrappy quilts made from a collection of theme fabrics.  This one is all kitties!  I've made monkey quilts, faery quilts, turtle quilts, cooking/food quilts..... probably others themes I can't think of right now.


I also love aprons and I actually wear them a lot.  They were handy back in the "good ol' days" and they're still handy, I don't know why more people don't use them on a regular basis.  This one had a beautiful soft edge with zig zag piping as well.


Another pink quilt that Joli loved.  (Joli is a four year old girl, so, duh, pink equals love)


Nothing fancy but I loved the rich sherbet happiness of this quilt and the patchy framing.


Moving on to other crafts, I liked this welded spiderweb and spider.


I'd totally put this alligator in my garden.


And I'd double totally put Fred the Dragon in my garden.  He was awesome.   I wish they'd put him someplace with a more photogenic background.


There was a California Mission class, a clever way for all the California 4th graders to get another opportunity to show off their mandatory mission making.  I helped my kids make several of these and joke (only I'm a teensy bit serious too) that I homeschooled William in part because I refused to be forced to help with another mission project!  I think we studied medieval history for his 4th grade.  But to offset that, he's actually visited many of the California missions in person.  Joli was completely transfixed by the missions and wanted to leave the fair right then and there and rush home and MAKE A MISSION.  Uhm.... No.


Speaking of medieval history, this was the best I could do with all the reflections, can you see this amazing carved castle!?!


Another photo that is just layers of reflections but I sort of like it.  Joli and I were admiring the faery houses when a passerby corrected us, telling us they were actually BIRD houses.  Yeah, yeah, whatever, did we ASK you?!  I prefer our interpretation.


These metal creatures weren't entered in the fair, they were a vendor's art.  We really liked them.  Joli wanted the brontosaurus.


Instead I bought these three little worker ants.  The one in the back, a little hard to see, has a broom and dustbin.  Hopefully they'll keep my back garden paths all cleaned up so I can sit back and relax for the rest of the summer.  They've only been at work for a few days, we'll see how useful they are as time goes on.

If you're interested, the artist has a website - Man of Steel Art.   It's not a fancy website, his work is much nicer in person!

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Jaye said...

thanks for the trip to the fair. I missed our fair this year, because they shortened it by a LOT. The round quilt looks like it comes from a book by the woman who quilts most of my quilts for me: Colleen Granger.