Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The two paints I'd bought yesterday, the light cream and the darker gold, were originally going to be the base and top glaze colors for my wall but by the time they'd dried on the wall I realized that the darker gold was going to be my base color.

This afternoon I went back to the store and selected three possible top colors. Here they are in a glaze applied with a sponge with different top and bottom color combinations. I know, my sponge technique leaves room for improvement, but I was more concerned with seeing how the combinations worked together.

In real life they look more blended than they do in the photo above. The flash accents the contrasts. Here are two photos of another wall that I've attacked, one taken with a flash and one taken without.

It was early evening by the time the paints had dried, so I'll have to see how they look tomorrow in full daylight.

Below, yet another wall sample behind a shelf in the livingroom. I shoved the knicknacks over. This is the gold base with a terra cotta color in glaze over it. I'm really surprised. I had expected a more closely matching color to look the best. But it's the winning combination. It's a little brighter than I had originally expected to go, but I guess that's my funky side wanting it's share of attention. Now all I have to do is get the sponging technique down. I want it to look like an old plaster wall. Anyone have any tips?

I'm going to start right in despite a plan tomorrow, on the brick corner you've seen so much of the last few days. Hopefully I'll find my groove by the time I finish it. That corner will be almost completely covered with bookshelves, so it won't matter. Ultimately it will be turned back into a closet - and someday someone will probably wonder why anyone bothered faux painting the inside of it.

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