Friday, June 08, 2007

I mentioned my local quilt shop is closing. I went in last week and bought some fabrics at their clearance price. Only thing is, I forgot to pick up a couple of shelf units that the shop owners, friends of mine, were borrowing for their shop. Which meant I had to go back again to get them and lookie, I found a few more fabrics that wanted to go home with me. (you have to double click on the photo to open it to see the print on the bright yellow fabric)

I also got an equilter order today. I'd been resisting but I really wanted the Eiffel Tower fabric you see in the bottom row and was afraid eventually they'd no longer carry it. I couldn't decide which color I liked best, so I bought a yard of both the black and the white to use together in one project, and a half yard of the pink for some still undecided project. Isn't it cute!? I didn't read the description very thoroughly and I was suprised at how big the towers were. I was expecting them to be an inch or two high. They're more like six inches high. But I don't care, in fact I think I like it even better this way.

I bought a half yard of the branch-y, somewhat oriental looking yellow floral. I was tempted to get it in a turquoise background as well but I showed a bit of restraint. I bought two yards of the floral paisley in the top left. You can't tell real well but the background is a pretty chocolate brown. I'm thinking it will make a nice border, making blocks or some other middle with prints in all the colors of the pattern.

Sadly one of our neighbors is moving. He and my hubby have been great buddies. For years they've spent afternoon after afternoon sitting in lawn chairs in the front yard, shooting the breeze and drinking iced tea. He lived with and cared for his elderly mother, a nice woman who passed away last year. So the house and belongings are part of the estate that is finally being settled. He'll still be in the area so perhaps he'll stop by now and again, but it won't be the same as having him right across the street.

Today was the first day of the family's weekend long estate sale. I helped them move some of the furniture out to display this morning and later I went back and rummaged through all the tools and miscellaneous items set out in the backyard. I bought the wires and iron pieces to use in making art or to use as garden decorations. Except the big bowl, which I'm gonna use to make salad.

I also bought all these old windows and doors.

Everything but the two larger pieces on the left and the six-paned window in the middle are solid oak. I'm going to use the smaller windows and the two larger one-paned windows as frames. The six-paned window I'll probably hang just as it is as architectural art. The two largest pieces in the back I'd like to use as table tops. I can either do mosaic work in the lower sections or just cover the entire top with glass. Unfortunately the bad side is facing the camera, the other side is still in excellent shape. Although all of it is covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. It'll all look a lot better when it's cleaned up, maybe sanded.

I also bought some even LARGER pieces of "wood". You can find out about those over at Beach Treasure.

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