Friday, August 10, 2007

I was hesitant to put up a new post for a few days, assuming that some of the partygoers from the Artful Blogging party on Wednesday were still making the rounds. I know I am. And, I've finally admitted, it will take me longer still to visit everyone who attended. But visit I will, eventually. I have been having a lot of fun meeting new friends and bumping into old ones I haven't visited in a while. And as soon as I get my studio cleared out and rearranged again, I'll have a whole list of new techniques ready to try from all the tutorials people posted.

But for now, I'm still reorganizing.

Okay, I'm not reorganizing. I've been distracted. By both legitimate and not so legitimate distractions. I'm pretending it's just one of those "percolating" stages, where I'm waiting for inspiration to bubble up and get me going again. Cough. Ahem. Yes. That's it. I'm percolating.

And I've decided quasi-impulsively (meaning, it's something I need to do but I didn't realize I wanted to do it today until just a few minutes ago) to drive to Reno to do some shopping. I need to buy a new living room rug and, if I can find something I like, a slipcover for my new loveseat. I didn't tell you about my new loveseat?

Well, I was driving down a side street in town the other day and saw what looked like the remnants of a garage sale. Something big and furry caught my eye. I braked, backed up, turned of the car, and got out. It was a loveseat. A very unusual loveseat. I had to knock on several doors to track down the owner of the loveseat and get a price. $25 I said I'd come back later for it. And then I went home and talked myself out of it because. WHERE AM I GONNA PUT IT!?

But it's so cute. It's in good shape, just needs a bit of dust wiped off it and some new coasters put on the front legs. It's puffy and girly and perfect for lounging with my feet over the edge or maybe sitting with my feet curled up, reading a book. It reminds me of France. Okay, maybe it also reminds me of the 70's in a nightmare sort of way as well, or a large stuffed animal one won at the county fair. But hey, things can be upholstered. Or covered up with a large blanket.

Anyway, I very practically talked myself out of it and didn't go back for it that night. The next day however..... I was out running errands and thought, it wouldn't hurt to drive back down the street and have a second look.... and I parked, paid the man his $25 dollars, and made hubby drive over with the big car to pick it up.

Both hubby and son think I'm completely bonkers for having brought home what they are calling the most ugly piece of sh.... furniture they have ever seen. I knew they'd say that. I think it's a girl thing. Or maybe it's just a ME thing. Whatever. I've decided that I have no one to please when it comes to my decorating style but myself. (not my family you say? No, because a) they really don't HAVE a style - cardboard boxes to put their dishes on and something soft to lay on would work for them just as well as anything and b) they usually come around to thinking my ideas aren't all that bad eventually.

Here it is. Sitting in the front yard at the moment. Do you like it? Hate it? Think I need therapy? Rosie wasn't too happy when I made her sit on it so I could show you the size of the thing. Remember, she's just a mere five pounds of dog, so it's not that big. But it's bulky. I'm hoping, despite the original plan to minimize my living room furniture, that it will fit in a reading corner. If not, there's always the garage for now. I'm sure we can find room for it in there. Somewhere.


Tanya Brown said...

There's something endearingly overblown about it. It looks great for sprawling across, and if the husband and son want nothing to do with it, so much the better!

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi there thanks for coming over to my blog in the name of art. It was a great idea by Kari as we have all been able to learn something new. The blog world is huge though it's going to take a long time:)

Your right the Klimt pic is the Kiss - I did it a few years ago and for some reason I called it the Lovers - (??)

The heat tool that my mum used is called a soldering iron - but be warned it gets really hot and a little tip if you decide to work with it - get a terracotta flower pot turned upside down and hold the long bit of the iron in that hole - it should be big enough to house the iron and not touch the table below.

I think your sofa has great possiblities:))

best wishes Ginny (England)

Jaye said...

I'll reserve judgement until I see the slipcover. The color is overwelming me a little bit right now.

JulieZS said...

I like the shape of it very much. It will suit you perfectly once it is recovered. Looks like an ideal reading couch to me!