Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few window shots from my stroll around the plaza in Arcata, CA. I was with friends, so just these few.


A pretty mermaid showing off her strands of pearls.


I totally loved this window dressing behind the mermaid. All tulle and shiny and texturey fabrics, in shades of foam and green and aquamarine, like an ocean kelp forest.

I need to recreate this somewhere in my home. Maybe in the same colors, some of my favorite. Or maybe another color theme to match wherever I find to use it. Not sure where. My bedroom behind the bed?? The breezeway screens? Bath window? Or maybe in the gazebo, the one we haven't figured out how to make yet?


Two windows in front of an art shop had gorgeous origami art. It was hard to take photos as the direction of the light made for some serious glare.


The shopkeeper ushered me inside to try from the opposite direction, which made most of it become a silhouette. But I was able to take this pic of the origami pond. Don't miss the turtle on the right.

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Sarah said...

Hi Laume!
I love these pictures. The origami cranes are amazing and so is the pond.
Sarah :)