Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been busy in the studio. Cleaning and organizing, not creating. Although I guess you could say I was creating new space and opportunity.

Mostly I've been sorting boxes and piles that have been stacked in there for about six months as it was all "art" stuff. But, despite it's ample size, the space is simply too small to be a creative work room, a guest room, a library, an office, AND a store room for multiple art mediums. So, I've decided to find different storage space for everything that isn't textile. It's still gonna have to be all those other things, but moving all the supplies for paper, assemblage, painting, knitting, and who knows what else to another location will free up enough space so I actually find things and work comfortably.

There's several places in the garage and breezeway that will work just fine for storage. For additional work tables and areas too once the yard sale is over and those areas are also opened up. For now I'm just trying to get everything into it's proper boxes and the boxes near, if not exactly in, their final storage locations.

Just two stretches of hours on two days has accomplished a lot. I had to take a couple days break for extra family activities and responsibilities, but that was okay, I put the time to equally good use - weeding like crazy and playing with two of the grandsons.

But now the house is quiet again and it's time to get back to organizing. I should really be in there now instead of on here typing atcha, but I wanted to put up a post on Beach Treasure before I let another day get past me.

I didn't realize, when I took the photo, I captured a rune (or rune looking) shape in the water. I'll have to go look up the meaning. Anyone recognize it?

Speaking of artistic creations, no one does it better than Mother Nature. I STRONGLY encourage you to grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, strap on your cyber-walking shoes, and click on over to Beach Treasure to join me on a hike through Fern Canyon. The only better way to spend the time would be if you could be there in person.

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