Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A few things I picked up in a couple hours of antiquing during our holiday travels.

This big heavy shell. I showed it to Hubby.

"What is it? he asked.

"I don't know" I answered. "I just like it."

"You can't buy it, you don't even know what it IS."

Of course I looked him in the eye and then turned to the shopkeeper and said "Wrap it up!"

Tsk tsk, Hubby, he should know by now it's not a good thing to challenge my decision. (hehehe, I'm pretty certain I would have bought it regardless of his response to it!) But seriously, I'd love to know what it's original purpose was. I saw another one sitting on a window ledge on my walk today but I doubt that it was originally a window ledge holder downer. I bet the person who put it there just liked it. Anyone have a clue?

Also bought this very heavy cast iron candle holder. I'll show you too photos because this one with without flash makes it look darker than it really is and...

... this one with flash makes it look too gold. (although the wall color is more accurate in this pic).

Found a spot for both treasures already, always a perk. If only I could find the perfect spot for all my lovelies. That's my goal (or one of them anyway) this year, to finish sorting and reducing until all my favorite things are displayed and those things that are just "sitting around" earn their spots or are gone.

More new holiday goodies to see on Beach Treasure today. All tiny, all adorable. Go see!


Leslie said...

I am thinking you got a score on some Victorian Era church furnishings. The shell would have been a Holy Water font, I think.

Laume said...

Hmmmm, maybe. But wouldn't water make it rusty? Even holy water? Hehe. I was thinking maybe incense? If not then, a good idea for using it now!
I don't know about the shell but the antique dealer thought the candlestick holder was probably from 40's to 60's, not old old, but not a new reproduction either. Didn't really matter to me as the prices on both were reasonable.

Sherri said...

Perhaps a soap dish or a bedside dish for watches or jewelry. Or if it stands up like the one in the above link, a bookend?

Laume said...

Wow, it looks very similar! Maybe it was just decorative. Or maybe it was a bird feeder?