Friday, January 29, 2010


I've participated in this wonderful blogger's gathering for a couple of years now. Unfortunately I've been in too much of a tizzy to organize anything early enough to get in on it this year from the beginning. The game plan - to find some lovely faery treasures at the Midwinter festivities this weekend and offer them up as my giveaway when I return. Or maybe I'll be inspired and make some faery treasures myself.

I can't officially join the party without knowing what my giveaway is yet, but look on the bright side, less people will be visiting so those of you who do will have a much greater chance of winning! In the meantime, go check out the list of participants and start on your magical carpet ride right now!

Although there are lots of lovely giveaways out there, what I've enjoyed most the last couple years is finding a few new lovely souls who I feel connected to in this vast blogiverse, folks who find and visit me and other bloggers who I visit (although sometimes not as often as I would wish!)

So, stay tuned, I'll be back with my official OWOH post after the weekend.

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Leslie said...

I shall look forward...