Monday, February 15, 2010

Even with my busy schedule the last few weeks, I still managed to visit hundreds of new bloggers in this year's One World One Heart blogging activities. I was mainly just along for the ride, enjoying the travel, the sites, visiting old blogging friends and acquaintances that have gotten lost in the swirl of my schedule, and finding new kindred spirits to add to my blogging community.

I didn't enter that many giveaways. I decided to only enter those that jumped up and down and wiggled their noses at me. No matter how cute or useful or clever a givewaway was, if it was something I didn't need or already had or knew I would probably smile at and then set aside forgotten, it wasn't meant for me. I won a darling little red art box the first year I participated in OWOH and I still have it sitting on my nightstand holding wee things several years later. I wanted everyone's gifts to find their perfect homes and to be enjoyed as much as I enjoyed my little gift.

Rambling aside - I have many useful and artful gifted items in my home. Every time I see or use one of them, I am reminded of how it was given to me and I feel a little poof of that original energy, the care and love that was part of the gift. The odd thing is that some things I remember the WHO of it very clearly, the person who gifted me, the WHEN, the WHY, WHERE I was when I received it. Other items I don't remember ANY of those details! And yet, here's the thing, I still feel that *ping* of a warm hug even when the specifics somehow got lost in the black hole that is my brain's filing system.

As frustrating as it is (I wish I DID remember all the details all the time) it makes one ponder the power of gifting in general, even the secret, unnamed gifting of Pay it Forward or RAOK's or the randomness of winning a OWOH giveaway. It reminds me that every action carries with it an energy, good or bad, that I am responsible for creating. It encourages me to make sure that all my actions count, not just the big ones I get credit for, but the little, everyday ones that only I know I chose to give or withhold. Like a smile for the grumpy cashier or letting the car in front of me merge before the light changes. Those are a type of gift giving (and receiving) too.

So, humble as my giveaway may be, I hope the receiver feels that love *ping*.

And the winner is.......

Jasmine, of The Life and Times of a Magickal Mama!

Well coolios! I suspect the faeries had something to do with this..... hmmm faeries? Jasmine just happens to be a faery friend in real life, so I think I can predict with 99.99999% certainty that she will appreciate the fae magick of the wee charm! Jasmine, send me your mailing address backchannel.

Two wee faeries - my granddaughter Adorable Joli and Jasmine's daughter Beautiful Kiana.

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