Thursday, February 18, 2010

My card reader died recently. That's actually good news since I wasn't sure why my photos wouldn't upload. I was worried it was the actual USB port. It wasn't. Whew. Knock on wood.

So now, photos can be uploaded once more and all is right with the world. Well, at least with this tiny section of the world.

This last weekend was a big family gathering. I had all my kids and all my grandkids together. Except the teen. Who forgot to get the time off work to attend. Total bummer. I rarely get a chance to take pictures of everyone in one picture. Still, I got some great pics of almost everyone. Had a lovely time. I'll post pics of all the cute peeples, big and small, on Beach Treasure, maybe later tonight.

But here's a pic what I made for the shower. (Just a small gift. I'm practical. I'm waiting to see what they don't get from everyone else so I can fill in the gaps later.) I know it looks like just pieces of folded flannel but au contraire, these are big thick receiving blankets. Which my son had to ask "What are receiving blankets? Why do we need receiving blankets?" Oh dear. Well, I'm sure they'll learn fast! Some fabrics I chose just because they were cute, some because it matches Sam and Ashley - like their love of playing Guitar Hero, Sam's golfing, and if you know Sam, I had to get the dollar print.

I made a stack of receiving blankets for Joli when she was a baby and when she outgrew her need for them, Lisa cut them up and made them all into a flannel cuddle quilt for her. (although apparently Joli's daddy cuddles in it the most.) I told Ashley we could do the same thing with these blankets.

And I remembered to take a photo of the napkins I made for them for Yule. Looks like a few were in the laundry. I used some of my favorite Kaffe Fassatt fat quarters to make them. They have no idea how special that makes them, but the colors and style were perfect for their kitchen and they are really enjoying them. I'm trying to embrace the art of using my favorite prints instead of hoarding them for "someday" or "something special". I've discovered it's far more pleasurable to get them out there in the world where the fabric is used, by me, or someone who is special to me.

Napkins.... receiving blankets.... hey, don't laugh - yes, I'm really talented at making large, useful, pretty, hemmed fabric squares.

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