Friday, February 18, 2011

Tralalalalalalala! OWOH Winner Announcement!

Being a night owl, I kept my comments open until midnight last night, certain that I could choose the winner immediately after.  Alas, the weather gremlins had other plans and were out in the snowstorm knocking down power lines and running the poor electrical company crew workers a merry chase.  Let's hope the workers appreciated both the overtime pay and the magical sparkling snow illuminated by a full moon.


Here she was last night peeking out between a thin spot in the clouds.


Lighting up the icicles clinging to the roofline and shrubbery.  (Ni! Ni!)


 And look, I wasn't kidding about the sparkling snow.  You can sorta kinda see a few sparkles (in particular, look at the bottom left hand corner).  You have to trust me, in real life, it was dazzling.  And I took these photos on a regular camera setting with no flash.  The shadows were even sharper in person as well, at 1 am-ish in the wee hours.

Other than a quick dash out to let the chihuahuas do their thing and snap a few photos, I was inside eating brownie sundaes and playing a fierce game of Scrabble by a card table near a roaring fire.  No heat.  Certainly no internet.  And as much as we adore our cyberlives, sometimes it's  good to get back to the most basic of experiences. Oui? 

Well, enough already with the backstory.  The point being, there was no online random generator to select the winner.  No problemo.  I happen to know a few fae folk who are willing to guide me to the once and future king... no, wait.  Wrongstory.  To the rightful winner.  And, so they did.  In their typically wise and amusing way.

The winner of my door prize is -

Marianna of Vintage Arabesque (love the name of your blog!)  

The faeries say YOU must be the proud new owner of a handful of Butt Roses.  Please let me know what color(s) you would like me to make your roses.  Choose up to three colors.  I'll email you backchannel for your mailing address.


Postscript: I have mixed feelings about another OWOH event being over (and although it is indeed the final OWOH, check out Lisa's post announcing a new and, I believe, IMPROVED event beginning next year!).  On one hand, I only managed to visit a fraction of the participats this year (but I won! I won one very perfect prize - tell you 'bout that later).  On the other hand, I was spending all my spare time online.  And let's face it - "spare time" - SPARE????
Now the prize deadline passed, the pressure is off.  Whew.  I do still plan to find snippets of time when I can lace up my cyberboots and spend time wandering through the links, discovering more new blog friends and returning to some of my old favorites.  And I want to spend an equal amount of time here, preparing new posts for other creative travelers who may knock on my blog doors.  (My other blog is here.)  I also want to spend time doing some major revamping on both blogs.  To say "Yeah, they need it." is an understatement.  To say "Oh really, I hadn't noticed." is a clear sign that you need to go visit your friendly neighborhood optometrist.) It'll be nice, to slow down the pace.  I look forward to many cups of tea together.


Cameron said...

Oh darn! I wanted me some butt roses!! ...but I'll give a hearty congrats to the winner!

It's all good though....since I'm following you now....I can have tea with you and talk about butt roses all day long!


Marianna said...

I WON! I WON! I WON the BUTT ROSES! Thanks, I'm so excited. (can you tell) I think they are beautiful butt not sure I will wear them as good as you. Butt I will figure it out. HA!

Kate said...

I love these photos of the moon! Beautiful.

LamoreAllure said...

Hello - I love your photo of the moon with the icicles. I was drawn to take a few "super moon" pics myself. I posted them on my blog.

Now that the OWOH journey is over I've decided to re-visit the OWOH blogs again since the first time around was such a blur. I hope to make some new fiends in the process.

Perhaps, you will take a minute to visit my blog? I'd be honored if you decide to follow me,too. I signed up to follow you.
Warm Hugs to a fellow OWOH traveler.
Linda L