Thursday, June 02, 2011

I've been busy.  You might have noticed, if only in the sense that I've been absent here.  But I've been working on some outfits for this year's Faerieworlds Festival (coming up soon! Soon! Soon! Panic! So much left to do!!!!)

I decided to finish Hubby's outfits first (so he'd stop bugging me) and next on to my outfits.  After that come one or two ideas for the grandson.  And then back to an optional outfit for Hubby.  AND I have a chandelier to make - yes, a chandelier.  And some other ... stuff.  I suppose I don't have to list it all, but you can see why I'm feeling last minute-y.

Hubby was a pirate last year for Bad Faerie Day.  He wanted to be a pirate again this year, only he wanted to be an even more AWESOME pirate. 

We found him this scruffy old leather jacket.  I think the fact that it's well used adds to it's pirate-y charm.  Here's the front.

And here's the back.


And here's what it looks like redone as a pirate jacket.  It's got new buttons that you can't see clearly here but they (serendipitiously unplanned) match the new tooled leather design of the sleeve cuff fabric.  I was going to add more patterned leather on the pockets and collar but didn't think through the fact that I'd have to sew through four layers of leather.  So, that's a no.  But I still think it looks great.


A little extra fancy strap with matching buttons on the back.


And check out the amazing skull buttons on the cuffs.  These babies were NOT cheap.  But how could I resist!


Here's a little peek at the full outfit.

After the pirate jacket was finished, I started work on his Good Faerie Day outfit, a sort of elven Mad Hatter theme.  I forgot to take Before and After photos of the pieces I refashioned, but here's the end result.


He's lacking the boots and pointy ears but, I think it turned out great!


British Faery said...

Yay!! Jeff looks great!!

The Painting Queen said...

Great job on the leather jacket! Isn't it nice to have a hubby that likes to have fun at festivals!