Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another project finished!! This is my Train Hat. I bought the yarn and needles in Glastonbury, but no pattern. I figured I could "wing it." Throughout our trip, whenever we were on the train, I worked on it until I got to the point where I decided I should start decreasing round. I couldn't figure out how quickly I should decrease, so I tucked it into my backpack until I could find a pattern. Well, there it stayed until tonight when I searched the net, got the general idea, and round and round, smaller and smaller it got.

I hit another snag when I got to about 30 stitches and realized I couldn't finish it on the circular needles. First I tried using two sets of circular needles (in two different sizes I might add). That didn't work. Then I remembered I'd found a bunch of sets of open ended needles in different sizes in an antique store. I dug those out and tried to figure out how to use them. I'm sure you experienced knitters would have had a good laugh watching me try to reinvent the wheel. I kept ending up with all the stitches on two needles. I finally figured out you had to divide them up evenly onto three needles and always stitch on to the fourth needle. And then....

Tra-La-LA! A hat!

Here I am posing with Rosie and Buck, two of my knitting advisors. Yoda and Maisie, my feline helpers for the evening, thought there was far too much DOG energy, and refused to pose with "that other kind".

So tell me, do you? Huh? Huh? Do you like my hat!?

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

I like it, I love it, I want one just like it! Well, different colors, but other than that, just like it!

How many stitches did you start with?

I have never figured out how to work with circular needles, so I can chuckle at your ... episode? with the 4 needle method, and you can laugh at me figuring out what to do about circular needles!