Sunday, October 22, 2006

I finished it last night - my Samhain Scarf. Whew! For awhile there I wasn't finding time to work on it and thought it wouldn't be finished in time to wear it this year. Not that I can't keep wearing it after Halloween. It looks as much "tiger-ish" as it does "Halloween-ish". Didn't plan on that, but there you are.

Not the best photo of me, but I lost all my photographers after this take, so it was the best I could do today. Notice how jauntily I balance that piece of wood on my head while modeling the scarf?

I have this really cute orange and black polka dot ribbon with dangly bats and pumpkins and what not. I wanted to audition it for the ends of the scarf. I apparently put it, like many other items in my house, "someplace safe". Of course that means it's so safe, even I can't find it. Maybe it will turn up in the next few days, and it if looks nice and I sew it on, more photos to follow. In the meantime, I gotta throw on a jacket and my new scarf and go off to meet a friend for a late night Whine Fest and Dinner.

See ya later!

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Deb R said...

It turned out really cute! And yep, I'm impressed with your wood balancing skills! :-D