Saturday, October 07, 2006

A little while ago I mentioned that I was hooked on these things on ebay called ACEO's - which stands for Art Cards/Editions and Orginals. Basically they're teeny tiny original art from everyone from professional artists to well intentioned and sometimes surprisingly talented (and sometimes not) unknowns.

It must be a fairly new phenomenon because I've been watching and bidding on them for just a few weeks now and in that time the prices have skyrocketed! I have to admit that I was torn between sharing this new discovery and keeping the news to myself because... well.... I didn't want to push the prices up even more.

But alas, they're already moving quickly out of my price range and I've now spent more then enough pretty pennies on them so I guess it's time to share the secret. I certainly want to encourage and support the artists that are making these wonderful miniatures. I'm gonna bid on one or two (or three, okay, maybe four) more and then content myself with getting them all framed and displayed in a little montage.

I stumbled upon them while looking for Halloween art and all the ones I purchased have a Halloween theme of some sort. If that's not a theme that appeals to you, then I'm sure there are ACEO's that are right up your alley. Maybe it's cats, or botanicals, or fairies.... let's say you like horses - in the eBay search box type "ACEO horse". When it pops up, click in the sidebar to narrow it to Self Representing Artists and then again to narrow it to Originals.

I think there are places other then eBay to find ACEO's but if there is, you better not tell me. I might be tempted to buy more of them. What I really hope to do now that I've managed to get myself some teeny tiny original art from other artists, is dabble in making some ACEO's myself. All I have to do, as I mentioned before, is get out my oil can and loosen up of my "rusty fingers." Hmmm, maybe I should get out a pen or pencil. It might be hard to practice with an oil can. Snerk.

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