Friday, February 16, 2007

I haven't been back in the studio since my last post, but I have been taking a lot of photographs. It compliments the walking I've been trying to find time for lately. In the long gray pre-spring period we have here in the mountains, it helps to get outside even if the weather isn't luring one out.

I have too many photos to show them all, so I decided to narrow it down and show you only those with a "green theme" today. There's not a whole lot of green in nature itself yet, so the green in other things calls to me.

Will it be..... Door No. 1? Door No. 2? or.... Door No. 3?! Wasn't that from the old Price is Right show?

This turquoise could go blue or green. Let's call it green here.

Show turquoise with moss green and it reads more blue.

I fell in love with these old green doors.

I could have gone through my older photos and found a zillion green images in shots of summer gardens or nature. Maybe I'll make one of those flicker composite photos some day with a green theme. Maybe I'll work my way through the color wheel. The other day I was driving around in the rain noticing red too. And on one recent walk I subconsciously took all yellow photos.

Not only do I want to print out a few of these photos as they are, I'd like to use them as the basis for some collage work. I tried to work on that the other day and found it too frustrating to do on the computer with only Appleworks for cutting and pasting. I've got a CD for Photo Shop, just don't know if I should fill up my laptop memory with such a large piece of software, and our other computer and the desk space it occupies, are both in such desperate need of housecleaning that I don't even want to go over in that vicinity for fear of a paper avalanche or a monitor crash. Hubby has taken it over and I don't even know my way around it anymore.

Anyway, for now, I've decided what I really want is the experience of doing it the "old fashioned" way, with paper and scissors and glue. So that takes me back to decluttering and organizing again so I can have all my materials in one place. I did work on gathering them up a bit the other day. To quote Bill Murray's character in What About Bob? - "Baby steps."

In the meantime, anyone else want to take a shot at a green post on their blog? I'm sure it's not an original idea, someone must have suggested it before, I just haven't bumped into it anywhere. Maybe you can up the difficulty factor and not use any plant images for your green. Is Kermit right? It's not easy being green? I bet Elphaba would agree. Okay, so I cheated with that one moss picture. Maybe I'll do green again some day. If you do a Green Theme post, leave a comment letting me know so I can come see it.

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