Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When I was in my early twenties, fresh out of a college art degree - okay, let's not put on airs, shall we - a two year art degree that I fell half a class short of actually receiving - I had the opportunity to go into commercial art. It was for a company that designed and printed labels, signs,whatever the customer wanted.

Unfortunately for me, the design room was simply a squared off corner in the same warehouse that the printing machinery was housed in. It was very, very loud. I only lasted a week. I'll never know what uncharted direction my life might have gone off on if the artists had a decent room in which to work.

I found myself thinking of that today as I walked up main street of our small town on the way to pick up my car after an oil change, armed with sunshine and my camera. I walked into a small family owned corner market that I've never managed to enter in over a decade of living here and discovered rows of wonderful and quirky wine for sale. I spent a good long while enjoying the "wine art".

This one is just nice. I mean, it's really gnarly, man.

You can't really see the art work on all of these bottles of mead - well you probably can if you click on it to make the image larger - but I included them anyway out of friendship. A couple I
know own this company, Mountain Meadow Mead. They are great people and their meads regularly win awards.

Still enamored of all things French, I had to include this cute little one.

What's the story behind the selection of this name!? Bad boy makes good - wine? It's even more amusing to find it on the shelf here, being a "prison" town.

Maybe not as unusual as some of the other labels, but since hubby loves monkeys, I had to include it.

My mom loves mooses.... meeses.... moose? But one has to wonder, did they go blind from drinking too much wine? And don't miss the tasteful white label on the left with the gold hippopotamus and the classy name - Fat Bastard.

This is, hands down, my favorite. I need to go back with my wallet and buy some of this and save it for when I have "one of those days".

Simple, colorful, eyecatching. But you wonder what they were smoking that they decided to name their winery Fish Eye. I'll have the cabernet salmon please. My friend will have a sweet Perch.

Well, yes, it is. Let's call a spade a spade. I'll have some smashed grapes with my seared dead cow please.

This last attempt looks a bit inebriated. I guess the camera had a few too many wine photos in it hold steady any longer.

Not surprisingly, now I feel like having a glass of something smooth and alcoholic m'self. I think I'll go polish off that last little bit of spiced mead in the refrigerator, left over from the holidays.


Jaye said...

My favorite white is a Voss Sauvignon Blanc, but if I saw wines with labels such as these, I would be tempted to try them. I think a little art in the ordinary things of one's life is a very good thing.

Cherie said...

According to my sis, who received a bottle of the Moose wine at Christmas, and other family members who tried it, yes, the meese probably did go blind from the wine :)

tragic comedy said...

I buy wine buy the label art..... it s weakness... but hey! they put the time in to find a great label, most I can do is try a bottle.