Monday, April 23, 2007

For someone who doesn't drink much wine, I sure do take a lot of photos of wine bottles! I didn't go out looking to take more photos. But I was on the wine aisle because it's also the magazine aisle and this first one caught my eye and then I saw so many others I hadn't seen before and well, I got a little carried away. (If you want to see the other two wine art posts, type "wine" into the Blogger search window for this blog.)

I accidentally cut off the top of this label. But I was just reading about all things bohemian last night. I even went to Youtube to watch the La Vie Boheme scene from the movie Rent. Why, I don't know, since I could just watch it on the big screen - I own the DVD. Palm trees, so I guess this can't be anywhere around here. Southern California maybe?

Being a cat lover, I had to take a photo of this one on the left. And I caught the tower one on the right while I was at it. I like castles and towers and things.

I took this photo because I thought it might be an illustration of a house I'd actually been inside. Turns out no. Well, maybe I was inside it. Could be, as I lived in Sonoma County and I went a lot of places. But it wasn't the house I thought it was, which is The Gaige House, which my ex-BIL built. Technically, he only renovated a historic home. But since he took it down to the bare studs and then added on more square footage than was there in the first place, I don't really think there's enough of the original house there to truly qualify. I came home and Googled it. Found out that Glen Ellen House winery doesn't have even have a website. It looks sort of like those Big Yellow House Restaurants that were so popular a couple of decades ago. They all disappeared, the entire chain went out of business. But that The Gaige House, which is now a B & B, has over 90,000 results. Wow. Apparently it's a really fancy schmancy destination these days! That's amusing, since I used to have Thanksgiving dinners there and sit around while the kids swam in the pool on hot summer evenings.

I really liked this star-bodied Zin Man. He's awesome.

More Sonoma County. It looks more like a painting of some European cafe to me but, hmmm, okay. It could be on the plaza in Sonoma. Or maybe up in Guerneville, you can hear the Russian River passing by a few blocks away. Or how 'bout Healdsburg. I saw some pictures of it in a travel magazine a while back and it looks like it's become quite gentrified since I last past through the area. Hmmm, now I've got a bug to go do a little touring back through my old stomping grounds. It's been years and years since I've been back. I think the last time we were there we had all five kids with us and we were camping so.... that would have to be over fourteen years ago.
I'm not really sure where they were going with this choice. Drink this wine - it's so good you'll get carried away and than later swear nothing happened. Who's your daddy?! Okay, I probably just lost half my readers with that one.

First heaven and then hell? Or maybe just lava beds? Yes, the vineyards turn lovely shades of red and yellow in the fall but this looks more like something out of Mordor to me.

I don't know if this really qualifies as wine label "art". The ears on the word rabbit is clever though, doncha think? I just had to add it because I thought it was funny. We think of of French wines as being so snobbish. They've been reduced to serving it in lunch drink cartons.

These casual siblings appealed to me. They seem like the perfect easy going style for a casual potluck or barbeque with friends. Nothing fancy. Just a few zany buddies. And the bottles are large enough to serve a lot of people. Which has nothing to do with art at all but just in case you're planning a get-together, I'm just saying.

Last but not least, these appealed to me for the same reason as the last bottles. Let's grab these and have a big bonfire on the beach. Bring some drums. Save me an extra blanket for when the sun goes down.

Y'know, eventually I'm gonna have to put my money where my mouth.... camera where my mouth.... mouth where my lens is? - and actually try some of these wines.


Deirdre said...

Try this link
Although I don't see anything there about the house.

see you there! said...

The last time you posted wine label art I had to go buy two of the bottles you featured. I might have to go searching a couple of these out as well.

I'll have a wine cellar soon if you keep this up!


kristen said...

ahh, good ol' barefoot. also, actually quite nice. especially when having a bonfire on the beach.

we bought Bob's Really Good Red one time b/c the label was just too funny - and rob's dad is Bob. so is one of rob's best friends :) so we HAD to buy it!