Thursday, April 05, 2007

We've been gone on holiday, which is why you haven't seen hide nor hair of me recently. I've set myself a daunting task of finishing up my downsizing project and cleaning out the garage in order to be ready to have a yard sale in a month's time. That and doing the taxes and helping my son tile his bathrooms and of course the daily tasks that need doing every day means it's unlikely I'll be spending any time at all in my studio for awhile. I will try to stop in every day or two, however, and share some of the photos I took while traveling the last two weeks.

On the first day of our travels we stopped in the ghost town of Bodie. One could spend an entire day there investigating but unfortunately I only had a half hour to run around and and take a few photos. Here are a sampling of them.

There are a few more photos of Bodie, as well as some cute pics of my granddaughter - don't want to miss those! - over on Beach Treasure today.

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saffron said...

I LOVE Bodie! We even named our German Shepherd (now deceased) Bodie after the town. I hear it's the coldest place in California. Very harsh weather, but so special!