Sunday, April 29, 2007

I went to the a local antique/collectible store the other day. I wasn't just browsing, I had a legitimate reason to go there. I was looking for a glass lampshade that would fit a art deco lamp (sans shade) that I found about a month ago. I didn't find the shade, finding one was a long shot at best. I'll probably have to find one online. But since I was there, I had myself a look around.

This is a little ceramic box. It's only about an inch and a half high maybe. It's handpainted. Both photos are of the same box so you can see all four sides. It could hold a candle or toothpicks or... whatever. 50 cents

A tiny moon. It's an old wall decoration and I'll tuck it into a high corner somewhere. 50 cents. The plastic container with a lid is nice. I picked it up just because I was interested in the container itself and found it filled with crystals. 50 cents. The tiny shell is an oyster bowl. I'm going to use it for coins and miscellaneous in my bathroom, which has a beach theme. It's hard to tell but it's pale pink with gilded edges. 50 cents

There were a lot of dolls, most of them seemed over priced to me, but this one stood out for me. I just loved this face. The dress is in bad shape (although not ripped or anything) and one of the tiny fingers is broken on one hand - you can't tell because the wind blew her lace head piece up when I snapped the photo. I think she'd make a great gypsy or witch so I plan to redress her someday. I can simply have her holding something to mask the lost pinkie. She was sort of expensive but the owner is a nice guy and said I could have her for $3.

There's a lot of glare off the glass in this photo, the image is actually quite sharp and detailed. I've walked by and left this on the shelf for almost a year. It looks like it might have originally been an illustration out of a children's book. I finally broke down and bought it. $1

This very sad yet sweet little figurine has also been in this particular shop for quite some time. In the store she sat up on the top of a shelf, almost invisible, and she was very, very dirty. I wonder if she was in someone's flooded basement at some time or perhaps set outside or in a floral arrangement. She's cleaned up here but when I brought her home all the folds of her gown and around her arms and flowers she was brown. Dirt a quarter inch thick in spots. She was also somewhat expensive (for her condition) but she looked so sad I just couldn't stand to see her sit there unwanted any longer. I really love her. When I took her up to the register the woman and I both noticed at the same time that her head had actually been broken off and glued back on. So she let me bring her home for one thin dime.

This was my big splurge, but I think it was a practical one. Apparently this is called a blanket cabinet... or something like that. As you can see, it opens up with all sorts of storage.

I could fit at least a half dozen cats inside! What really got me is the wonderful worn patina and the unusual colors painted inside. It's hard to tell from the photo but the bottom cabinet is a dark brick red color, the small drawer is yellow, and the top is a pale lime green. $65

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