Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I found a bit of crafting time last night - YAH. So I made up a few odd but adorable magnet buddies for my Sweet and Sinister Swap partner. Gargoyles, to protect her refrigerator from attack. Except for that odd little black cat. Cats just seem to find the their way into everything though, don't they? Especially black cats. Especially in my house. He looks a bit surprised to find himself inside a glass button.

Oh, and the W - William made that for himself. Since he doesn't have a refrigerator, when it was finished this morning I went in his room and stuck it on the shield of his metal bedside knight. Oh. Don't all children have bedside knights?

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Belita Rose said...

I like them, they're very cute. I also LOVE your globe lamp, but I'm saddened that you lost half of you world, oh well, just the bottom. He he! The more I look at your pictures the more excited I get that we're going to be there very soon!! Yay!! Although Joli's in this pulling things off of shelves stage right now. Oh well it'll be fun!! Love you!