Saturday, September 15, 2007

I went to a local flea market today. Forgot it was this weekend and wandered in at the tail end of the day with $8 in bills and $2 in bottom of my purse and glove compartment change.

With the $8 I bought this...... uhm..... thing. I think it was originally a wrought iron plant stand, at least the bottom part of it was. I think part of the top was added on at some point to make it an ashtray. At least that's what the "dish" on the top appears to have been. And then someone had the brilliant idea to add a wire up through the middle and make it a "lamp", adding the odd "shade". I don't have a clue if the wiring still works, but for $8 I didn't care. I think I'll just pull the wires back out and use it as a display piece in the garden. I can set plants or fairies or anything I want on the "steps" and with the light bulb gone a candle might make awesome shadows through the iron globe. Or, I might take the globe off and hang it separately (with or without a bulb or candle). Regardless, I couldn't pass up the pretty swirls and circles.

With the gathered coins I just had enough to buy some more pretty swirls, these clip-on costume jewelry earrings. Don't they look like something Galadriel would wear? They're sort of a triskelian but not exactly. I don't know if I'll really ever wear them or if I'll just display them or maybe use them in an art piece, but I found them enchanting. Sheesh, I had no idea my hair looked so grey!

I also spent some time playing with some of my photos, changing them to black and white and adjusting the light and contrast. I "spookified" them up a bit and then made some copies to use for the base of collages for a couple of swaps. Uhm. Except, now what!? I had the idea to add some transparencies over them but, gee, it would be easier if I knew HOW to add transparencies. I guess I didn't think that far ahead in the project.

Y'know what I really need? I need my own personal collage tutor. When I first started quilting and I didn't know how to do something, I just sought out the people in our quilt group that appeared to have specialized skills and asked if they'd teach me. And they did. I realize now, in hindsight, how fortunate I was to meet such talented and kind people. But y'know, I have yet to turn someone away who wants to learn skills that I can teach. I guess it goes 'round.

I need someone to "walk me through it", help me get past the fear of making a mess of things. Someone with a sharp scissors, a glue stick, whatever else might come in handy (stamps? glitter? pens?), someone who's not afraid to use all that stuff! Or, if someone skilled isn't available to show me the ropes, then I wish I could find someone else as clueless as me so we could wade into disaster together.

And yes, I know, there are these things called "workshops". True. For some. But not out here in the boonies. Alas, this is a "workshop" free county. So. Anyone have any ideas what I should do next?

Oh, and one more thing. I still need to find and clear off a flat surface so I have a place to work. Yeah. That would be good too.


Deirdre said...

Yesterday it took me 4 hours to find enough space to work! Toss sort store REPEAT... But I did get 2 art quilts started, so I'm doing better than I have all summer.

I've heard great things about Joggles for their online classes - I'm debating about taking the Cat Bag class. Here is a link - there are some good collage classes towards the bottom.

:-D eirdre

Lori said...
found this site that looks promising for tutorials {?}
i just do easy peasy collage, cutting and pasting...i still need to get more into inking and stamping and using more of a layering technique...
a LARGE clear flat surface is a must esp. if you are like me and you shortly find yourself surrounded by every piece of crafting supply that you own (WHO got all that stuff out, surely it wasn't me?}
i love the iron piece you bought, i'm sure it will be lovely in your garden
my little shelf is black, everything on it is pink and brown :)

Jaye said...

Laume, I am with you. I felt like a such a naive geek when I worked on my collage 3D piece over Labor Day weekend. See
Let me know what you find in terms of tutors. Too bad we aren't closer, we could muddle through together. Though I am not sure how much more collage I will do. I am having a problem finding supplies locally. And also the mess is a bit of a problem for me.