Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If you look to my sidebar, you'll see some changes. I added a few Bloggers under "Blogs I Read". It was just a test run, I need to add a bunch more. One of those "household" tasks I never get around to doing. I've also changed my doll to reflect being in the pre-Halloween decorating mood. I always arrive in fall decorating mode before most folks, and always before the shops start displaying autumn wares. For several weeks I've been watching the stores and websites and just in the last week I'm beginning to see autumn aisles and displays appear. Small displays. But growing. I love autumn!

I also added a button for a swap I joined, the Sweet and Sinister Swap hosted by Artsymama. Isn't it cute!? (I won't bother making any of the words link as you can click on the button itself.) I already loved Artsymama's site and enthusiastic way of gathering bloggers 'round but I HEART her more now because she was one of the first bloggers to get into the Halloween spirit with me. I have a number of projects I need to get on the ball and finish up, or even start and finish up, in the next month. Along with the projects already waiting sad and patiently for me to return to them, I'm using the Sweet and Sinister Swap to give me an excuse to try my wings .... er, apparently they're bat wings... on some new crafts.

I've had a lot of fun already perusing craft departments, fabric stores, and thrift shops looking for supplies. It's a Halloween themed swap but, more specifically, the guidelines call for all projects to be in a black and white theme. Although I undoubtedly have enough craft supplies at home to get off to a good start, I've brought home bags full of new black and white goodies. I've browsed blogs, magazines, and antique shops for project ideas.

I've got a dozen or so ideas I could do, not sure which ones I'll actually choose yet. I like to be a bit secretive about my work until I'm well underway with it. I do want to share some pics of the supplies and oddities I've found recently however. As I unbag and set up a workspace again, I'll be forthcoming with some photos.

In the meantime, anyone else working on Halloween or seasonal projects? Participating in or know of any other Halloween swaps? Decorating your home with things black and white and orange?

Or have you jumped directly into projects for winter gift giving? Ooooh, I don't even want to think about that yet but I know I'm already zooming past having time for any making any handmade gifts this year. Every January I vow to start right in for the following winter season and every year I just lollygag along until September when I think maybe I should have started in August but I still pretend there's time if I hurry and every end of November I remember the whole mailing time needed part of it and every December I just give up and use Plan B, which involves a credit card and a trip to the big city mall. ARGH.

But.... I'll think about all that tomorrow! (says Scarlett) I'm having too much fun with witches and pumpkins and bones and twirling leaves and things that go BUMP in the night!

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Deirdre said...

ArtOverTheEdge is having a Halloween ACT swap 4-for-4 original art. Wanna play?
:-D eirdre