Friday, April 25, 2008

Long time since I've posted. I forgot to mention I was off to Paris. Okay, so I might have mentioned it once or twice or ten times. But I mean, I forgot to say I'd left and the blogosphere is empty where my posts usually appeared quasi-regularly. But, I've been literally swimming in art and museums and beauty. It's seeping in to every single pore. I'll have thousands of photos and stories when I return, which will be soon. One more day in Paris tomorrow, another day in London on Sunday, and Monday we return home. Long, cramped plane ride. But I'll spend the time musing on all the wonderful memories we've made.

A bientot!


Kathy said...

Oh la la! Wish I was with you. Boy you have been traveling a lot lately. Congrats!
I look forward to photos of your trip.

Jaye said...

Love the pics! All I can think of when I see Jeff is "Where's Waldo?[Jeff] teehee.... He looks so happy.