Friday, July 03, 2009

I receive a thrice a week newsletter from Kristin Espinasse's lovely French Word A Day blog site. Yes, it's called "word a day" and it's really "word three times a week" but, hey, she's a busy mom and writer. So, completely makes sense. You can visit her at her blog and you can sign up for her mailer there too.

I bring it all up though because I was totally taken with today's word, which is:

├ęclaboussement (ay-klah-boos-mahn) noun, masculine : splash (of water, color)

One of the great things about the French language is how artfully descriptive their words are. Don't you wish we had an English word that meant "splash of color"? I mean, we can SAY "splash of color", three words. But the French think it's important enough to have an official word to describe such a vision/event.

I love color, whether it be in small surprising amounts or in big joyful in your face amounts. Sometimes a photograph, regardless of what the photograph is of, really, it's all about color.

Appropriately, an example - Paris windows.

Another French example - Bicycling along the Seine.

More color? Okay - Chandelier in the Peppermill Casino, Reno, Nevada

Or a splash of bright color surrounded by deeper color - Daylily (my garden)

Homework time folks - I want to see some more splashes of color. Take a photo. Post it on your blog or online photo site and then let me know so I can go see it. Or even just show me a favorite photo you've found online that expresses a "splash of color". Or, not a photo. Maybe an outfit you wear, or a room you've designed, or a painting or other art piece you've created. Come on, Splash me!


KayEllen said...

Love all your photos!!!

The red awnings make my heart.... and design eye happy!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th with your family:)


BailiwickDesigns said...

I love the idea of ├ęclaboussement - you're right, the english language is sadly lacking such a word! Your photos are fabulous!

Chris said...

That chandelier!!