Tuesday, July 07, 2009

If all goes according to plan, soon this blog will be filled with almost daily updates on all the faery fashion creations that I have to make in the next few weeks for this year's upcoming Faerieworlds. Squeeeee, I'm getting very excited. At the moment, I'm still working away on mucking out the studio so I can get in there and create. Two iced espressos with vanilla soy last night helped me make a lot of progress. Hopefully I'm just a day or two away from enough mess cleaning to switch to mess making.

In the meantime, a few random about town photos for your viewing pleasure:

Some fish swimming along a home's retaining wall. I've shown you pics of this wall before, a friend helped create it.

When I drive up this street, I always enjoy the magnificent tree trunk columns on this home.

This gorgeous girl graces the front of an uptown shop. (I think the purple swirly across her face is supposed to be her earring hanging on the other side, the wind must flopped it) She's been there for years now. The building if for sale. I hope the new owners (if there are any in this economy) will keep her up.

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Chris said...

Okay, that fishy wall is too good.

Looking forward to Faeries!