Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been very busy what with lots of family and friends visiting. We've been trying, difficult because of the scorching temperatures lately, to fit in as many fun group activities as possible. Photos of all that silly stuff on Beach Treasure.

But the festival date is quickly approaching and I'm squeezing sewing and creating into all activity lulls. Here's a peek at the outfit I just finished for Joli for Bad Faery Day.

She's a little fire faery. She doesn't have on the little tights she'll wear underneath it, and she's got it over her green shorts and top, but it's still cute. She's waving the little sparks on her hands around for us.

One of the things we've done is gone treasure hunting for costume and refashioning finds and whatever else we can find at the local thrift shops. I found this awesome giant gilded fork and spoon for the dining room or kitchen wall. (the book is in the photo so you can tell how big they are) Now, I just need to find a good spot to hang them up.

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