Sunday, September 06, 2009

I had an unplanned blogging hiatus over the last of the summer and yet there was so much to blog about, not the least of it all our faery adventures. I've been posting about Faerieworlds over on Beach Treasure and hopefully you've popped over there to catch all the amazing photos of faeries of all personas and persuasions. All of the posts could just have easily been blogged about here, so filled with art, beauty and creativity. But I put them up there, am still putting them up (I still have another day and a half left to still post about), it seemed the way to go.

I've saved out a few pics to post here, so I can share the links to these lovely artist's websites. You might want to stop here, grab a snack and a beverage, so you can relax and visit at a leisurely pace.

This is my friend Patricia Hedegaard, a dollmaker extrordinaire from up in Washington state. Here she is cuddling a few of her "naked" creations. She had lots of faeries in her booth but she was working on these Halloween folk while vending and visiting and enjoying the festival. Now that's the way to multitask! Here is her website and here is her Etsy link.

Here is silly Ammie. I call her Apple, which fits her perfectly as she's refreshing, sweet, and just the perfect amount of tart. She makes beautiful wands, quills, handmade papers, books and journals. Visit here here. I bought a gorgeous wand from her this year that I've thought of ever since I saw it at last year's festival.

Beautiful Katie Lennon dancing, one of her many talents. She's also a wonderful artist. I bought a small woodcut print of a crow (one of our shared fascinations) from her last year and this year I bought a tank top with another of her wood cuts on it, a portrait of Edgar Allen Poe. (I've worn it several times already Katie and it's really soft and a nice fit - good choice of clothing companies!) Fly on over to her website.

I don't know these vendors but I have a feeling it would be easy to befriend them, I loved their dark romance style. Did you catch the photo I took of one of the vendors reading to Joli. So sweet. These are some fun and quirky souls. I didn't have time to choose anything from their booth at the festival but I'm planning to saunter on over to their website and purchase me something alluring some dreary evening when I need a pick me up.

This is, of course, our very own Victoria, posing here with my little skelly friend. He looks very cosy, doesn't he. What I might not have mentioned is that she's a budding fashion designer. Well, maybe I've mentioned it once or twice. But have I ever remembered to share a link to her design page with you?

Our friend Matt's pirate booth looked incredible. The flag was lit up at night as well. Well, when the electricity was working it was lit up. I love the crisp colorful FUN of his artwork. Definitely check it out here. Arrrrrgh!

For two years I've resisted being a silly fan but this year I finally broke down and asked if he'd mind posing for a photograph. Why deny it. I'm totally a silly fan of the amazing Brian Froud. I'm actually a fan of the entire Froud family. I hope soon to be able to participate in one of Wendy Froud's doll workshops. I just keep missing the opportunity. Brian and Wendy, and their son Toby, are all not only incredibly talented artists, they are also all very genuinely lovely people. You could get lost in their World of Froud website for hours, days... well, it is the faerie realm. And you know what happens to time when you wander there.

Remember, more Faerieworlds photos up on Beach Treasure.


Chatelaine said...

It must be so fun to meet such wonderfully creative people. Looks like quite the event.

Love the dolls and fantastic costumes.

Johanna Parker said...

What a neat fair!... Looks magikal :) I'm sure you had lots of fun and left happy and filled with inspiration.......

Thanks for popping in on my blog.... and looks as if you'll be visiting us at the Halloween & Vine this weekend! I look forward to meeting you...

~ Johanna