Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I finally managed to put up a few decorations. We won't be home for Yule or Christmas, so a little will do. And looked just as festive in the end, if I do say so myself. Without hours of taking down to anticipate.

A friend made me these beautiful Yule faery wings last year. They looked happiest in the window.

And I finally broke down and bought a tiny colored tree. I was going to go get the black one with red lights, but they were sold out. So I chose the other color that called to me. Maybe not the perfect match for my living room, but the red pulled it together and I can use it in another room next year maybe.

I just pulled out a few ornaments, not many at all. The red pom pom garland and the old stole fur was from the fabric stash.

Small but pretty!


Connie Carpenter Macko said...

I love the pink tree! or are we calling it coral, rose, or blush perhaps? Happy Solstice, Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas - hope it is wonderful!

Deirdre said...

A perfect Tree! Belated Yuletide Wishes!
:-D eirdre

mermaiden said...

oh, it's enchanting!