Friday, December 25, 2009

Remember when I said I was going to make something for everyone this year but I was running out of time and Hubby suggested I give everyone a stick. No? Well, maybe I said it somewhere else... Facebook probably.

"A stick?" I replied.

"Yes. A stick. Wrap some yarn around it and tell them it's a magic stick."

Several members of the family asked, somewhat apprehensively "Are you really going to give me a stick?"

Well, you know I couldn't let an opportunity like that pass me by.

So I gathered some sticks. Special sticks from our fallen apple tree I'll have you know. Bought some embroidery yarn. I went with all the Hogwart house colors. Remembered them all except for Hufflepuff. I had to call and have someone look up Hufflepuff house colors.

Et voilĂ ! Magic sticks!

I let William pick first - I knew he'd choose Slytherin.

Joe selected Gryffindor (of course) and industrious Lisa wanted Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw was left for Hubby. Looks like there's already some spell play going on there.

Of course they also received a few more non-stick gifts. I ran out of wrapping paper so I improvised with cardboard and paper bags and paper and markers. I even turned the bag handles into a bow. I rather liked the results.


Sophia said...

hee hee. Cute. I love how you wrapped the presents. Clever. That's the second time I have seen this in the blogger world. I must keep that in mind for next year, should I have friends and fam to wrap gifts for.

Happy Holidays! :)

BunnyKissd said...

Too cute!