Sunday, December 13, 2009

I haven't posted in a few days. You would assume, from past conversations, that it was because I was so busy making art and crafty things that I didn't have time to post. Furthermore you would assume that most of the things I was making were for gift giving so I wouldn't be able to post and show you any of it until after it was gifted.



I wish this was true. It is not.

There were eighteen people on my gift list. I have made one gift. One. Uno. Une. Ein. ONE. This particular gift was to have two (two, dos, deux, zwei, TWO) components to it. I made one part. I started two other gifts but they're not finished yet. I have four days left before we start our holiday travel circuit. Four days to finish seventeen gifts, wrap gifts, pack, do laundry, clean, decorate, shovel snow, make fires, sleep, eat, take a few showers.


*Laume wipes tears of hysterical laughter from her eyes*

I'm actually okay with it. I've been letting my guilt and disappointment slip away, little by little, over the last few weeks. I had choices, choices between making gifts and experiencing holiday and/or family experiences. I chose the experiences.

I still want to make gifts. I have lots of great ideas swirling in my head. I'll keep working on them. Hopefully I'll be finished with them in time for next year's holidays!

But for this year, it's time to move on to Plan B. Which is..... uhm..... I'm not sure yet. I know what it's not. It's not to try to "make up for it" by going out and spending a wad of money on stuff I have no idea whether anyone will like or not like. I have a couple of days to finish up a few more things, and as long as the kids have something fun to open up, frankly I doubt they care whether it's handmade or storebought. They might care some time in the far future, looking back. But that gives me plenty of opportunities to make those memories in the years to come.

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