Monday, January 01, 2007

I promised photos of the things I made recently as gifts, after they were gifted. Well, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but here are two things I managed to finish. The first isn't anything spectacular, just a polar fleece blanket. Buy the polar fleece, tie the edges. Nothing could be easier. (except maybe buy the polar fleece, don't bother to make the tied edges, which is what I usually do for my own blankets). I made it for my daughter-in-law Lisa because she was complaining about how it didn't feel wintery down in sunny, warm San Diego. I couldn't resist getting this Charlie Brown and Snoopy winter comic fabric.

Here it is opened up so you can see the comic strips aspect of it. It was really cute because Lisa opened it and looked a little disappointed. I asked "Don't you like it?" or something like that. She said yes but "did she have to share it with the baby?" She thought it was yet another baby blanket. I told her no, it wasn't for Joli, it was for her, whereupon she got a big grin on her face.

Here's the other finished gift, this one indeed was for baby Joli. (if you've stumbled in here and don't know who Joli is, she's my new granddaughter - you can read all about her arrival here.) It's a little painted sign, done up in red, black, and white - the colors of her nursery. It didn't come out quite like I imagined it, but it still came out cute, doncha think? It looks washed out in the photo, in real life it's very saturated, bright colors.

I had a hard time finding a spot with a solid background to take a photo of it. I finally settled on this spot.

Fred says "Hey, I was trying to get some SLEEP HERE!"

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