Friday, January 05, 2007

It all started, really, with pair of pink suede snow boots. I saw them on sale at Payless Shoes a few years back and thought they looked both cute and warm. They weren't serious snowboots. They were more snowslippers. All suede and fuzz. Even with soles, they aren't any good in slush or serious snow. But they're warm and flexible and work well for just popping out to Walmart, if I avoid the dirty puddles.

I'd wanted something like this. Maybe not pink. But the pink was cute. And on sale, so even if it wouldn't work with all my outfits, so what. I bought them.

It turns out, surprisingly, that pink plays well with lots of colors and even though most of my outfits are green or black or red or something else that isn't pink, I've gotten a lot of wear out of my pink snowboots.

So when I saw the fuzzy pink jacket at Macy's (which, normally, I wouldn't be shopping at a Macy's, but I was just along for an outing with some other shoppers), I knew I wanted it. Even if it didn't match anything in my wardrobe. I stood there in the store, fondling the soft minkee-like fabric, unhappily looking at the expensive price tag, trying to justify a new jacket - when it popped into my head that I already owned pink boots. That was the excuse I needed, and the jacket went home (well, back to Joe and Lisa's home) with me in a big holiday shopping bag. And, pleasant bonus, it ended up being on sale.

Unfortunately it was a Macy's in San Diego and it was waaaay too warm in San Diego to wear it at all until I flew home. I had to carry it onto the plane in San Diego, but when I stepped out of the airport in Reno into a freezing wind, I quickly slipped into it and - it's nice and snug.

It's so warm. It's so soft. And everywhere I go now I hear "Where did you get your jacket!" and "Do you mind if I touch your jacket?" And again, I'm happily surprised at how it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. Unfortunately I can't find my snowboots. I probably put them away somewhere for the summer. Hopefully I can find them before the winter is over.

But that's not stopping me from wearing my new, soft, fuzzy, pink jacket. Except for one thing. It might match most of my clothing, but it doesn't match ANY of my scarves. And when it's eight degrees fahrenheit outside, one really needs to layer on a scarf. No problem though, it's a good excuse to knit a new one.

Here it is. See, it needs a scarf.

I found some pretty multi-colored 100% wool on my last shopping trip to Reno. It has a dark pink, a dark purple, a soft teal blue and a warm green. All colors that I don't have in any of my other scarves (that all tend towards warm colors I realized), so it was a good choice - the dark pink would match the light pink in the jacket and the other colors mean it might work well worn by itself with some of my other long sleeved winter shirts and sweaters.

Next step, come home and spend hours looking for a new pattern, something easy enough to do while watching tv but not the same ol' same ol' boring knit purl knit purl. I finally settled on the basketweave pattern I found on Crazy Aunt Purl. (I tried to link directly to the post but I couldn't get it to find the specific page - oh well, you can go to the blog and click on her knitting posts link.)

Here it is laying on top of sleeping William. Why? Because it's less boring and less embarrassing than laying on top of my kid stained and cat hair covered couch. You might notice that the colors of the yarn do NOT match William's wardrobe.

I've spent two evenings working on it now. I thought the pattern looked too thin, so I made it wider. Now that I've got a swatch of it done, I'm thinking - crap - now it's too wide. I don't want to keep knitting knowing that it's not working for me. But I don't want to tear it all out either. Sigh. Like it or not though, that's what I'm gonna have to do do. Maybe start over with just four "alternating sections - knit five/purl five/knit five/purl five. Maybe do something different. Make it ribbed instead. Tonight I'll wind it back up in a ball and decide what to do instead.

And it all started with a pair of pink suede snow boots...

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