Saturday, January 06, 2007

More cows. More art cows in Edinburgh. If you don't remember, or didn't read the other post about the art cows, here's a link to more info about them.

These cows look rather small, don't they. But no, that's a big ol' building - the national art museum actually. How did they get all those cows up there!? Remember, you can click on any of the photos to see larger images with more detail.

We thought these cows weren't part of the art cow exhibit. We thought they were a "real" sculpture - by that I mean a statue that was there all the time. But nope, these were just a more sophisticated take on the art cows.

This one is covered in pets - made by a pet shelter organization of some kind.

This one was atop the Mercat Cross. Again, we thought this might be a regular feature, being as it was a different shape than most of the other cows. But it was an art cow. A whole different take on Braveheart, eh?

I liked the "orangeness" of this cow. I like orange, it's an often misaligned color, in my opinion.

This was such a cool cow. When we came across him, he had graffiti all over him. It was so sad. I managed to wipe the paint off the head to take this photo. I didn't notice until later that I had caught an orange cone in the background. And that tiny man on the right edge. Although, perhaps those unexpected and odd distractions make the image more interesting. I'm not sure. I find I often have a love/hate feeling towards this sort of detail that "sticks out" or seems "out of place". For instance, an image of a country lane - does a modern car driving down the road make the image seem more active or does it spoil the picturesque setting? Does a sign on a street or a person in the doorway or a scrap of garbage laying in a pristine setting help or hurt an image? Back to the cow, I would have liked to take a photo of the entire cow, but there was too much graffiti to wipe it all down. Now that I think about it, maybe that would have been a picture worth taking in and of itself. Hmmmm.

Oh well, too late now. I guess that just goes to show that, when it doubt, snap the picture. Particularly now that digital photography means one doesn't have to count how many frames are left on the film or pay to develop it to see if you want it - just delete it.

Are there any more cow photos left? A few, I think. I know there are still a lot of Edinburgh photos left to share. Stay tuned for the next batch. And you can go on over to Beach Treasure to find some more, non-cow tourist photos too.

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