Friday, January 19, 2007

More Edinburgh, but not more cows. Here are three photos of our visit to Edinburgh Castle that go along with the Holiday Photos #20 post over on Beach Treasure. I try to divide the photos up into touristy ones and artsy ones, sometimes that works out in a pretty even split, sometimes it all seems to fall one way or another.

Choosing what photos to upload, and which photos to upload to which blog, it continues to amaze me that I somehow managed NOT to take any photos of so many scenes or objects I wish I could share with all of you. Mainly what I missed capturing were the small repetitive things that we found different and unusual (to us, as tourists) but grew used to and forgot we wouldn't see anymore when we got back home - signs, post boxes, little "ordinary" things. The other thing I wish I'd taken more photos of were larger street scenes. I was so busy pointing the camera up or down or at something, I often forgot to take photos of the "ordinary" settings I found the photo worthy images set in. It was an ongoing balance between capturing an experience in photos and simply enjoying the experience in the moment itself.

This is William standing inside one of the first gates of the castle. Notice the nasty spikes above his head.

This shows the view from up at the top. You can see a bit of that large park down below, and out at the edge of the horizon, water, although it just looks like sky in the photo. Maybe if you click on it to enlarge it. I'm not sure exactly what water it is, but it's a large body of water. If not the English channel, then probably it flows to it.

One of the buildings you could tour in the castle had recreations of what it must have looked like when it was used as a prison, mainly for sailors. This was supposed to be a shadow of prisoners that spread against a high wall across from a window into the cells. They had movement and sound to go with it. I suspect the real environment would have been far gloomier and it would have undoubtedly smelled horrible. Still, it was more interesting then being shown bare rooms with signs that said "here's what used to be here". There wasn't enough light to take photos of most of the recreations.

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