Friday, January 04, 2008

Back in November I discovered a lovely new (to me) blogger, Susan, of Black Eyed Susan's Kitchen . She was having a little.... well, not so little actually... raffle. All you had to do to enter was leave a comment. Well, I was going to leave a comment anyway but LOOK! I won the raffle!

She sent off this entire box of lovely books and magazines. They arrived before the holidays went into full swing but I've been so busy that I only tonight had the opportunity to pull them out and start browsing through them. The Tiffany Table Settings is very retro, fun to browse just for the "history" of it. Crafting Vintage Style has several craft patterns in it that I'd hoped to find online and now I don't have to go to the bother to find them. I'll probably read the magazines next - I've never even scene a Canadian House & Home magazine before - probably because I live three states away from the border. And I'm saving the best for last, I love flea market and junk crafting - LOVE it. Thanks Susan!

You might think you've seen this next photo before but, au contraire. I did show you my holiday mantel earlier but I've added something to it.

The VERY large candlesticks. It's really hard to get a proper perspective on the size of them here. They're really more like pillars than candlesticks - about 28" tall. They aren't specifically holiday themed but they were in the clearance sale of holiday items at my favorite decor shop in town. Even on sale they were pricey but I really loved them and they're perfect for the mantel. They look fantastic with the decorations but they'll stay up after I take down the rest of the glitter and gold. They're too tall to put candles atop them - I'm thinking of adding glass balls or maybe drape some fake grapes over the top.

The angels face each other. This one looks left.

And the other one looks right. There really isn't any of the gray this photo shows, I think it just looks like that from the flash reflection. The color matches my tall new lamp perfectly. Aren't they beautiful!?

Another winged creature to show you, this sweet little fairy. She was a teensy bit pricey before Christmas so I waited and got her at half price after Christmas.

Our holiday family/company have all finally departed and soon it will be time to dismantle the decorations. I used to take everything down on New Year's Day but for the last decade or so I've waited until Jan. 6 so we could relax and enjoy everything after the crazy activities were finally over. Some years even later. Somewhere I read that it was tradtional to burn the holiday greens on Imbolc, known to most folks as Groundhog Day, so nowadays I figure I've got until at least the end of the month before it becomes an urgent task.

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Lori said...

i just love your caged fairy, she is just lovely:)