Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's been snowing on and off, on and off, for what seems like forever. I posted a couple of photos and waxed on about it on Beach Treasure yesterday. I can't remember what a sunny day feels or looks like. Still, I'm not complaining. Some winters I feel the need to work with bright colors to offset the winter gloom. But not this year. At least not yet. I'm sure I'll be yearning for green eventually but for now I'm enjoying these soft, monotone landscapes. In fact I'm feeling compelled to do a small quilt piece based on the muted colors of the season. To that end, I turned the heater on in the studio this afternoon so that it would be warm enough to work in when I got home tonight from dinner out with the family.

I did get into the studio and it was warm enough (with a sweater) but I hadn't realized I'd left it in such a mess still from all the holiday visitors. There was no way to even reach my fabrics, much less a clean surface on which to spread them out or do any cutting. So, unfortunately, my enthusiasm was thwarted.

The good news, I didn't just turn off the heater and go watch television. No, I stuck it out, sorting and cleaning. (Well, I did turn on the television in the studio while I was working.) Got almost everything organized into piles. I still have an hour or two in front of me getting each of these piles into the appropriate storage boxes. I might not have actually done any art but at least I'm moving in the right direction. Even though it's not perfect, once everything that's sorted is stored away, I'll at least be able to reach most everything in the room, including my fabric.

I don't have any photos of my cleaning efforts, but I can share these I took this evening.

This little fellow was all fluffled up against the cold.

I particularly like the very subtle changes in background color behind the lace foreground of lacey branches.

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Lori said...

great pictures:) i am under piles of the white stuff here...i am so longing for spring and green...and my flowers to start poking their heads out of the earth...i'm too cold...